First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:
The Paradox and Integration of
Non-Establishment and Non-Prohibition Clauses

As one can readily ascertain by the precise wording of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the concept and reality of religion is not only acknowledged by the Government of said Constitution, but dealt with in a way which does not negate the existence and continuing presence of religion within the States of the Union represented by the Constitution, The terms used also indicate a "hands-off" policy to both not establishing religious government by the government within the government and elsewhere.....and not prohibiting religious government by those of the government within government and elsewhere.

"Congress" is the selected entity to not establish and not prohibit religion. Nothing is said about judges of the courts, nor about the office of the President. Even though one affects the others, there is no trinitarian integration such as the Divine one expressed in KJV's I John 5:7....and both the judicial and executive are therefore under no specific stated obligaton to themselves not establish nor not prohibit according to precise First-Amendment-clauses semantics.

No particular sect nor denomination of religion is specified by Constitutional semantics. It thus seems that every type, brand, expression, dogma, tradition, belief, and practice of whatever religion are "on their own" pertaining to success or failure, perpetuation or extinction, of any and all of those. It is "survival of the fittest" in a real sense.

Noteworthy it is to point out that the word religion is used as a conceptual abstraction, much like the word terrorism or alcoholism; the persons associated with such abstraction are not specifically referred to. One might object by purporting that mutual association with the abstraction and the people belonging to that abstraction are one and the same, but in fact the two are not synonymous.

Engrained here and there within the totality of recorded United States history up to the present time are references to: "God" (whoever that might be). Better yet are references to The Creator (the logical existence of such Intelligent Design is plainly obvious to and acknowledged by every rational person who is not an insane fool). The identity of "God" is not officially revealed as to a particular name. Some would associate the name with Jesus Christ, others with "allah," "the great spirit," and so on. Also, books sacred to those espousing particular religions within America such as the Holy Bible, the Koran, etc. seem to have - conditionally - neither been established by the Constitution nor prohibited by it.

The Founding-Father American-history Christian underpinnings for current law have been grandfathered in, and understandable precedents have been set. There is no need to now "rock the boat" and disturb the nicely-functioning status quo. Moreover, it is neither sensible nor wise to presume that the inertia of past traditions will suffice to maintain the momentum of enlightened progress and the quest for uphill struggle without any more need of the Biblical dynamo which has driven the American dream to the enviable entity it has become. Removing the locomotive antiquity of Christ's Bible from the heart of government would be like derailing a fragile interdependence of railroad cars, each with their own unique cargo and contribution of terrorist-suppressing talents and efforts......disasterously consigning America to the pseudo-care deprivation of a godless-hospice collapse of epic proportions which would result in devastatingly signing our country's death warrant.

When there has been confrontation and conflict between adherents of particular religions within America vs. U.S. officials representing the Government of the Constitution, it has not been of military discrepancy between the two. As Jesus told the Roman governor Pilate: "My kingdom is not of this world, because if it were, my soldiers would fight." Yet that same Jesus informed His disciples that He could have petitioned His Father to send "twelve legions of angels" to rescue him from envious murderous jews and Roman law-enforcement officers. And we have the non-refutable historical record of only one angel of the LORD exterminating 186,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night. So it is obvious that the military forces of Heaven are far superior to anything the Armed Services of the United States could muster and victoriously do battle against.

Nor was it theological differentiation. When Jesus alluded to "truth," Pilate expressed a vagueness typical of pseudo-"legal" quandries we are burdened with presently, as to the fake "legality" and so-called "rights" of "medically"-performed abortion-homicide murder, homogay/sodomite "human rites" perversion, nude-stripper/escort/masseuse "health"-care prostitution, porno "art," [allegedly]-"scientific" evolutionary mythology actually being anti-creation heresy, and so on. Perhaps Pilate had no clue who "God" was to Jesus, and the closest Pontius could imagine was Caesar as Supreme Roman-Army Commander.

So why are the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of American government sometimes at odds against those citizens who elected and appointed those representative rulers? And why are citizens who elected and appointed their governmental rulers at odds against them? The trouble-causing lawyers and Herodians in the Biblically-recorded days of Jesus are still with us as criminal-pardoning-and-paroling leniency-insuring defense attorneys, judges, and juries "not to mention" such groups as the "who-gave-Jesus-this-authority?" ACLU, PAW, and AUSCS.

One of the main reasons for the departure of the pilgrims and pioneers from England and the significantly-catholic Church of England was to escape religious intolerance of British tyranny at that time, and instead the Founding Fathers of this country generally held to what in essence is the King James Version of The HOLY BIBLE as the basis for civil law with concordant creation and inception of legal statutes and ordinances for the new Government of the United States. Against such Scriptural orthodoxy, British opposition was no match, and was eventually eliminated from the territory of America's new sovereign states.

However, not all who entered this country as immigrants had as their religion orthodox and genuine Biblical Christianity, nor even identical or "kosher" denominational beliefs and expressions of generally-similar Christianity. Many catholics were obsessed with self-justifying/works-righteousness maryolatry, purgatory, apocrypha, and self-atonement through eucharistic ingestion. Many jews ignored the New Testament as they legalistically pursued their talmudic substitutions and nitpicky mishnah aberrations. Some entering the country were not Christians at all, but had various other religious and irreligious superstitions, habits, prejudices, presumptions, and deviancies. A significant number "departed from the faith" for whatever fear-of-humanity or greed-craving causes (and not "reasons"). As a result, there was no longer complete non-adultered concurrence as to provide and maintain ONE consistent and workable governmental Basis for Evaluation and Action pertaining to properly incepting, correctly interpreting, and rightly applying either clause of the First Amendment or other Amendments of The Constitution. The document itself was corrupted in the case of the 18th being repealed and the 19th being a feminist-demanded inclusion deserving repeal.

It is the non-solicited imposition and harassment of those given to and proclaiming religious and anti-religious apostasy and heresy which are to blame and are at fault for dysfuntioning between church and state. Rather than an approved delegation and delineation of duties in accord with "Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God" an illicit attempt to dangerously and detrimentally segregate and quarantine religion away from and against government has been and still is the diabolical and dastardly obsession of some, along with a non-acceptable suppression and restriction against a freely-expressed polity and perception that God the Lord has created Caesar, enables him to function as Caesar, and can or will cause Caesar to rise or fall depending upon Caesar's response to that Creator, as was so aptly pointed out in the story of temporarily-insane beast-minded Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonian infamy.

That of course is why the Founding Fathers who wrote the U.S. Constitution used the if-not-vague, at least adaptive, multi-purpose, and pluralistic word: "religion" in the First Amendment's non-establishment-yet-non-prohibition clause.

Controversial and inadequte indeed it would be if the First Amendment stated that: 'Judaism must not be established, while the free exercise of Islam must not be prohibited.' Equally wrong would be a rewording of: 'Evangelical Baptistism and Lutheranism shall not be established, while the free exercise of cultic-catholic anglicanism, episcopalianism, plus apocryphal/maryolatrous/purgatorial/eucharistic-self-sacrificing-thus-self-atoning catholicism, along with the Church of Satan and Hinduism, shall not be prohibited.'

To establish a State religion of sectarian denominationalism must understandably not be done by Congress nor any other body of government including the public school system, but the free exercise of [lawful] religions must not be prohibited [with "lawful" determined by the Sacred-66-books HOLY BIBLE]!

Now, pertaining to interpretations of the First Amendment Non-Establishment/Non-Prohibition Clauses in terms of actual applications of what "religion" and religious doctrines and practices should be present throughout American society both publicly and privately in groups can and should discriminatingly be adjudicated in basically the latter of two interpretations:

1. Congress shall make no law establishing Christian religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise of anti-Christian religion (especially in public schools)......or
2. Congress shall make no law establishing anti-Christian religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise of Christian religion (particularly in public schools).

Can you guess which of the two opposing interpretations above this webauthor would go along with?

What about those who claim to be "pro-choice" with weaselword obscurity intended? WHAT are they "pro-choice" about? Do they support choosing to commit (or doing, if you must) abortion-homicide (homicide?)....or instead do they support God's gift of free-will choice to and of created humanity irregardless of what is chosen? Perhaps the buzzword "pro-choice" could be replaced with the longer buzzword phrase: "pro-tolerance-for-abortion-choice-option." Too cumbersome, yes? It will probably never catch on because of that.

But a misunderstanding and misapplication of the questionable-and-debatable concept of "separation of church and state" cannot override proper interpretation of the non-establishment/non-prohibition clauses of the First Amendment pertaining to Scriptural reference of both Luke 1:41 and Luke 2:16 implicitly proving the personhood of the pre-born human baby. It is true that we render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, but with the understanding that ultimately the God of "the church" (i.e. the entire Body-of-Christ Church and not simply sometimes-deviant sectarian-denominational parts of them and not it) created, sustains, directs, and is in supreme authority over Caesar and his state [concerning or regarding church-state arguments - depending upon the situation].

Luke 1:41 (as you can read the typical English words and especially precise Greek-Text words used) states [here in paraphrase] that the [pre-born] babe John in Elizabeth's womb leaped for joy. Luke 2:16 (as you can read the common English words and especially exact Greek-Text words used) states [here in paraphrase] that the [already-born] babe Jesus was lying in a manger. In both cases, the EXACTLY-SAME-LETTERED Greek word brephos (i.e. beta, rho, epsilon, phi, omicron, sigma) is used for both the PRE-born and ALREADY-born babes - thus clearly indicating the personhood of both pre-born and already-born babes - whether "wanted" or not.

Whether or not, then when, the Supreme Court chooses to reverse Roe v. Wade on account of that, or instead take on a new case implementing the previously-mentioned Scriptural enlightenment, remains to be seen.

The country still survives....NOT because of pseudo-"sacred" liberty to self-destruct and anniliate with every-person's-opinion-against-another's license to abort Christianity and Christian Scripture in chaotic and anarchistic noncooperative disharmony, inevitably resulting in pathetic extinction. No, intricately woven into the colorful fabric of American history is the rich heritage of KJV Bible readings in public schools, the formation and tax-exemption of authentic Christian churches, the wealth of bonafide-Christian art and music publicly exhibited, the airwaved-broadcast Bible-referenced radio and televangist preaching and sermons......which has bound and continues to prosper the nation with thriving unity, power, and global influence like none other ever having happened before on Earth.

How intriguing it is that the Hebrew/Jewish religion has survived all the way back to our ancestors Adam and Eve, along with Noah and his Flood-escaping family. Christianity has admirably and phenomenally increased over two thousand years despite every attempt by the most intense, knowledgeable, and persistent investigation which questioning humans have been and are capable of instigating, along with the shrewdest and most cunning deviants and even-violent revilers incessantly seeking to pollute, cripple, and destroy it. For instance, rife and reeking with pseudo-piety fervor are the defiant committed to the false and demonic cult of islam with concoction of the preposterous mythical and imagined deity allah, which defiant have been and are notorious for mis-plagiarizing previous Judeo-Christian Scripture with substitutionary satanic-verses Qu'ran. Such canaanite/philistine "palestinianism" has been a foundation for the modern-day atrocities of atheistic communists and antisemitic nazis, plus the present Holy-Land-territories-usurping belligerants of Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, etc. Though the robed-and-shawled of the fundamentalist muslim of such hateful religious cult are respected for their public modesty, they are mere copycats to our old-order Catholic nuns and Amish-like Puritans whose decent forerunners date back to before the 500 A.D. time of Mohammed.

There is hope. Though partial to differing denominations, sectarian preferences, and sometimes seeming peculiarities of the Christian religion, elect adherants of Christ's true church hold this red-white-and-blue Land of the Free and Home of the Brave together by faithfully embracing and non-antagonistically tolerating - with conciliatory humility - the ben-Asher Masoretic Hebrew Text of the Old Testament (such as available in the form of Biblia Hebraica edited by Rudolf Kittel), and the Scrivener-Trinitarian Greek Text of the New Testament....with the best of the King James, Revised Standard, New American Standard, and certain other English-translation versions of the two previously-mentioned inerrant foreign-language Texts. It is because of THAT that this government "of the people, by the people and for the people" has and will continue to rightly discriminate and discern regarding (and not "concerning") proper and beneficial interpretation of both religion-related clauses of the First Amendment of our United States Constitution.