[ There seems to be a diabolical demonic spirit among some
to force impenitent homosexuals into church employment.
It is because of that that this webpage - brutally vulgar as it is -
is presented to the broadminded and not intolerant Christian reader]

Incoming Homosexual: Hello. I am gay and looking for employment.
Pastor: We all are childlike, carefree-happy, yippie-skippy gay here. Johnny has come marching home, and we all felt gay when Johnny came marching home. Deck the halls with boughs of holly.....don we now our gay apparel, falala falala la la la.
Incoming Homosexual (H): NO! I mean I am homo-gay. A queer. A faggot. An impenitently-mindset paederistic pervert, and God loves me and accepts me unconditionally, so I will go to Heaven someday and make everyone there feel gay as I force them there to tolerate and accept and worship me in eternal bliss!
Pastor (P): Well get your accursed homosexual hinder outa here! Now!!!
H: Hold it right there, Bub. The State has violated the Separation of Church and State by legally requiring you to hire me, or there's a criminal charge against you by law, and I will sue you into bankruptcy and foreclosure with a civil injunction enforced by a wickedly-activist federal judge....unless you hire me - an arrogant insolent homopervert.
P: True, the State has unconstitutionally violated The Separation of Church and State by forcing me to hire you, a shithead homopervert. Damn the State! May the homoqueer-tolerating governor, the legislature, and the cops fuck themselves to hell!
H: So is that Church Council job still available?
P: Not to you, azhole. We just made a rule - effective indefinitely - that all additional members of the Vestry have to have been members for 20 years. By that time, you will have thankfully died of AIDS.
S: I hope I am not interrupting, Pastor, but one of our Board members just died.
P: ....except if a Vestry member dies.
H: So the position is now open?
P: No it is not, dork. We are downsizing the number on the Board. Talk to the Chairman of the Board if you have a question about that.
H: What about it, Chairman?
Chairman: Talk to the Pastor about it.
H: What about it, Pastor?
P: Talk to the Chairman about it.
H: What about it, Chairman?
Chairman: Talk to the Pastor about it.
H: So what positions are available for me, a belligerant homoqueer?
P: Toilet-seat licker, slimeface.
H: Anything else?
P: If you must, choir director and usher. And we require our choir director to direct and sing.
H: I'll try for the Choir Director position.
P: OK, sing this note 4 octaves below middle C. Now sing this note 3.7 octaves above middle C. Now sing both quickly 70 times 7 times.
H: [The homo merely sings middle C seven times]
P: You can't sing worth a sheet. Now, direct for me.....No No - not with two hands, only one hand at this time.....don't move your hands in a triangle...You can't even direct worth a shit!
H: How about the usher position?
P: We charge $50 an minute to incoming homosexuals.
H: Are you discriminating against me?
P: No, pisshead. But you will regret the day you ever darkened the doorstep of this church of Jesus Christ. Seriously regret it!
H: Are you threatening me?
P: Oh no, dungface. I am prophesying. Predicting!. That is my job as a Christian pastor, moron.
H: So I am hired as an usher?
P: What do you think, you disgusting bastard? Yes, your obnoxious carcass is very temporarily hired. Hope you get sick next Sunday. Now get outa my sight before I throw up all over you, pottie-stench!

[Sunday comes, and the homo usher meets the entering congregants]

C1: Get outa my way, you filthy homosexual!
C2: Gimme my bulletin, vile cocksucker. What are you waiting for???
C3: Hey airbrain. Move your homosexual car out of my parking spot.....Now!
C4: Dirty homosexual! You should be ashamed of yourself! WHY are you imposing on and harassing us Christians in God's house? Damn you to hell.
P: Attention, congregation. The homogay-rites-forcing gddamned state, legislature, and police have forced us to hire this despicable homosexual pervert against our wills - unconstitutionally violating The Separation of Church and State. Before we read - over and over - the anti-effeminate/anti-sodomite Bible verses of Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:18-25, and I harp on Corinthians 6:9-10 for the First Lesson, The Second Lesson, The Epistle, The Gospel, and the Sermon ..... I instruct the children to go downstairs and bring up rubber bands from the craft room to slingshot near the homosexual's head during the service. Hopefully you will sting him good from behind. The adults are encouraged to accidently spill their grape juice on the homosexual by accidently running into him near the communion rail. Teens can do whatever legal things they can to his car outside in the parking lot, as they would for a wedding. The Board has been ordered to write anonymous letters of disparagement to various agencies against him. I encourage everyone to scowl, spit, and stick out their tongues at him and give him their raised third finger whenever they can. Now go and do it!

[They return, and everyone sits down, including the homoqueer]

C6: Hey homofaggot. Get out of my pew seat! You should have known darn well that I always sit there!
C7: Hey assfucker. You are blocking my view of the pastor. Move over, idiot!
P: Bless you, my child, for accidently dropping that hymnal on the homopervert's head from the balcony! If any of you other children happens to be as accurate, bless you also.

[Well, it gets worse for the homo-imbecile! Much worse for that church-attending homo forcing the church to employ him. You don't really want to know how bad it does get! But remember: it is all "church policy" and has absolutely nothing to do with secular civil legal statutes. It is the holy Will of THE LORD. From THE HOLY BIBLE. Literally. You see, Leviticus 20:13 does speak of execution. Capital punishment. Slowly but surely. VERY surely. It is the LORD's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!]

I never forget hearing one lecture by I cannot remember who which was given one evening as a Christian college seminar near where I live.

In it the speaker got into minute details about the microbiological intricacies pertaining to disasterous genetic alterations and abnormalities occurring as a result of semen from one human male coming into contact with semen from another human male within human bodies.

It was easily to perceive from that dissertation why cancer-like AIDS occurs within homosexual men who - in disgusting and sickening lust - inject sperm into each other orally or rectally, fulfilling quite understandably the Scripture in Romans 1:26-27 which informs us that such perverts "suffer the due penalty for their error."

Recently, a follow-up thought entered my mind.

Not only is there semen contact from and within two homosexuals defiling each other in their defiant and arrogant despicable passionate acts of depravity, but the same AIDS-causing effect occurs when two or more men inject their sperm into the same individual and singular woman, because of which - again - one or more of the two or more men who insert and ejaculate into her comes into contact with the sperm of one or more other men.

That brings to mind the phenomena of confusion and chaos involving decisions and taking responsibility for deciding whose child a woman has helped conceive and belongs to who has been sperm-injected by more than one man within a short-enough time. Of course, a paternity-determining DNA test could be done to establish identity of the natural father, if the woman knows and/or is willing to disclose the identity of who all impregnated her, and if the men involved are willing to admit to that. If such is not done, a baby is brought into the world who will have no daddy, and will thus be horrendously deprived, to the serious and dire detriment against society in ways too numerous to mention here and now.

The same indiscriminate-identity problem occurs especially during summer when particularly younger women expose all sorts of body parts of theirs they typically keep covered during the frigid cold of winter. Their sexually-harassing yet sexually-enticing immodesty adversely affects more than one man, yet (logically) only one man is authorized to make use of it as to erotic physical contact with the woman and women who carelessly or deliberately display their partial indecency comprised of mopheaded LOOSE long hair (violating RSV's Numbers 5:18), sleeveslessness (against II Samuel 13:18), partial breasts or back exposure (contrary to Proverbs 5:19), Song 7:1-5, Isaiah 3:17, Isaiah 20:4, legs baring (disregarding Isaiah 47:1-4), flaunting feet without socks under sandals (ignoring Jeremiah 2:25), Ezekiel chapters 16 and 23, I Timothy 2:8-9 and so forth.

The confusion and diabolical disorientation resulting from such immodest wrong-fashions/evil-styles terrorism is the root and underlying cause of much sexual promiscuity and devastating consequences.