Ask GOD?

Have you ever asked a stranger you have never met before what time it is? What the time of day is was on their watch?

How did they respond?

By the way, did you have a right to ask them that, or instead were you immorally or illegally imposing on and against them and causing a public nuisance?

So what did they say back to you?

Why did you ask them that in the first place? Did you have faith or confidence that they could tell you the time of day? That they had the means to do that? That they would be willing to tell you the time if they had the means to do it (that is, they had some kind of a timepiece on them, electronic or mechanical, which indicated the time of day)?

If you asked them the time, whether or not they then told you the time of day, was that considered an unconstitutional invasion against (not 'of') their privacy? Assuredly, it was an encounter, but was it also a confrontation?

There are many service stations around, with gasoline pumps, open and available to the general public? Is that discriminatory? Why aren't they more restrictive as to who enters onto (or is it rather: invades ) the geographical territory of the gas station? Why do you need to drive into (or is it instead: TRESPASS) the gas station?

Did you expect to find gas in the pumps? GOOD gas? Did you either assume or presume to take it upon yourself to reach for a gas pump handle with hose attached which does not belong to you (in one sense?) and insert such into 'your' State-licensed bank-leased car and fill your vehicle's tank? If you have an opportunity to do that, do you then have a right? Or merely instead a treacherous dangerous capacity to do it?

You see a grocery store? WHO SAYS that you are allowed to enter therein? If you are so (obnoxiously?) forward to enter and even more daring as to grab one of their carts and put their foodstuff into that cart, what RIGHT have you to do so? How do you know the clerk at the checkout counter will like that? If so, what gives you cause to have faith and believe that they will accept Treasury-Dept currency you are (presumptively? 'legally?') handling for them to transfer ownership of those groceries to YOU?

When trying to find and get a spouse for yourself, are you sexually harassing someone of the opposite sex to (obtrusively?) ask them the time of day, followed by a host of more probing personal questions? How do you know if they want sexual gratification from and with you? What if they are not interested in even starting or continuing to engage in and pursue a sexual-objective relationship with you?

The Creator is not that much different in attitudes and motivations and desires as His creatures. Does HE have the capacity to hear and respond appropriately and adequately to your thoughtful or verbal prayer requests? If He does, is He willing to answer your specific prayer requests positively to your satisfaction? Has He ever done so in the past? With anyone? If you declare it to be so, where is your proof? Declare your genuine and truthful experiences wherever and whenever. It might give others confidence to bravely try it themselves.