Awake Nude

When the Bible record states that Goliath the Philistine reviled David the Israelite, did Goliath speak in Hebrew or did David speak in Philistine? THE Original-Text Old Testament is in Hebrew, of course, but are those a Hebrew rendition of the foreign language utterances of Goliath before David executed him?

Did the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor navy ships and planes at the onset of WW II speak English or did the Americans speak Japanese back to them? Did Hitler's Nazi Krauts speak English or German to Americans? If there were interpreters, whose language got into the final hard copy? Did Stalin communicate with Americans in English or Russian?

When resurrected Christians get into heaven, will they all speak one language when praising God in unison, or will it be a assorted babble of diverse languages sounding simultaneously?

What language letters did the Finger of God write on the tablets of the etched-in-stone Ten Commandments: was it in English, or Hebrew? In capital letters? In the King James or Revised Standard [English] Version? (Sorry about the last tricky-lawyer-like loaded question which cannot be answered with a simple Yes or No).

Are we all getting enough heterosexual genital-insertion coital-copulation sexual intercourse done? How many times have you or I had it in the past 24 hours? Week? Month? More?

We all only have so much energy and stamina in our busy and hectic schedules of assorted activities during each day and evening, and most of the time we are "too pooped to pop." The concise (and many consider vulgar) four-lettered f-word many continually reiterate anyway and which practically everyone understands, might indicate how eager they are to "do it" - whenever possible. But thinking so much about doing it - contrasted with actually doing it - are two different things indeed!

Well, let's not let it bother us too much nor grieve about it too deeply. After all, seminal-ejaculation emission is messy, requiring as-prompt-as-possible full-body showering soon thereafter. Moreover, the very real possibility of pregnancy looms forebodingly concerning the "dire" prospect of producing at least one of the many big-hassle-to-child-rear probably-will-ultimately-be-damned offspring on the broad and easy road to destruction whom Jesus alluded to.

Bodily-harmful spermicides and disabling contraceptive pills are not the answer, nor murderous abortion-homicide, being that God instructed His humanity to instinctually "be fruitful and multiply" along with His edict through Saint Paul in First Timothy 2:15 that women will be saved by childbearing if they continue in faith and love and modesty....along with his KJV-accurate exhortation in First Timothy 5:14 that younger women marry, bear children, manage the house, and give the adversary no cause to revile us. Thus, Satan-harassing-Job-like, Christ's-crucifixion-reminiscent rebellious-child persecution is inevitable, particularly for those parents who propagate in-the-majority anti-narrow-path fools destined for eternal torment in The Fiery Outer Darkness.

Now we move on to a suggestive/suggested scenario of Nude Awakening.

Who would you like to wake up mutually nude with in a no-way-out padded cell containing a single narrow bare mattress without covers in the middle of the cell? You might have seen movies where people have found themselves (though not necessary nude) in such or similar circumstances for however long or indefinite periods of time (such as in various Twilight Zone episodes).

Now imagine that you were a male (perhaps you are!), and some anonymous person who knew what they were doing slyly poured knockout drops into your drink, or gassed you into subconsciousness with chloroform, or shot you with a non-lethal tranquilizing dart putting you into temporary deep sleep. Suppose also that that same someone who was competent at it also did it to a young and attractive teenaged woman. Further suppose that that someone removed all your clothes and all her clothes so both of you were birthday-suit naked, and placed both of you sleepers together into that no-escape-possible padded cell. Finally suppose that when the sleep-causing drugs wore off, both you and her woke up and saw each other buck naked for the first time.

What would your reaction be?

If we were the friendly type, we would ask each other what happened - probably without futile attempts to hide our genitals away from each other's already-saw-you view. Next would be a separate and individual search of how to escape from confinement. After a thoroughly fruitless effort, that bed would be the choice destination for the weary couple with neither one sleeping on the cold floor.

Personal questions would then be asked: Are you married? Are you presently engaged to or dating anyone? If the women said she was, the guy would suggest she cuddle behind him with her facing his back. If the woman said she was not and completely single, both might start off in the position already suggested, but through the night turn over to face each other's front or the guy hugging her from behind her.

As to whether they would eventually join in genital-insertion intercourse would depend upon the spiritual character (or lack of it) of the man and of the woman. Christians would not want to mate with irreligious disbelievers - no matter what.

We dream on.