Will Rogers - I think - is said to have said: "I only know what I read in the papers."

The point being that things I am about to say next are based on what the media(a.k.a. TV network news, newspaper news, etc.) has said....and such information has not come to me personally from the source(s) of that "news" (a.k.a. propaganda/brainwashing "information" and "education," etc.).

In accord with what I have previously stated, both Osama bin Laden and "Saddam" apparently made two mistakes:

(1) They were of an antisemitic mindset with their cultic-deity worship to a make-believe mythical "god" which (not "who") they and other moslems call "allah" as portrayed in that anti-Christian and blasphemously-demonic substitute against the Judeo-Christian HOLY Bible called "the" Qur'an, and

(2) They were indiscriminate in their judgmental, unfair, and even blasphemous remarks (according to the media, again) of everyone of the United States of America [allegedly] being: "the Great Satan."

Admittedly, there are those within the U.S.A. who indeed are quite categorizable as "the Great Satan" [such as Christians-persecuting jews, atheists, homosexuals, abortionists, anti-Ten-Commandments herodian-type "legal"-but illegal-group subversives, evolutionists, witches, feminist sexist, immodestly dressed in summertime, etc.]

However, there are also in America a significant number of Protestants, Catholics and especially Christian-accomodating/tolerating Christian-to-become Jews who certainly do not deserve to be blasphemously classified as "the Great Satan." Not merely Osama and Saddam, but most fundamentalist-fanatical islamic-militant terrorists woefully did NOT discriminate properly between the diametrically-opposed their suicidal and genocidal hurt and harm.

Having said that, I am in no way inferring that the shawl-covered public modesty of Islamic women is to be in any way despised and not respected. That last point cannot be emphasized enough!

WAS Pervert/Pervertess America Worthy To Attack Blasphemous/Cultic-Muslim-Religion Iraq?

Was Mombasa-birthplace Barry "Barack Hussein Obama" Soetoro Worthy, Concerning His Obvious Personal-Political Self-Aggrandizement, to Force a Navy-SEAL Hit Team to Gun Down Non-Armed? Osama Without Trial and Without Permission of the Pakistani Government?

Inferior-gender and shortened-skirted National Security Advisor Condi Rice (a racist-based choice of George W Bush) and her patsies had to concoct some WMD-boogeyman scapegoat for 9112001-shocked, wrongly-nondiscriminating/wrongly-discriminating, shamelessly-shameful asinine who had pseudo-innocently, proudly, and sometimes even belligerantly paraded their summertime mopheadedness, sleevelessness, bareleggedness, and sockless sandals-footedness as "good'-people-helping-"good"-people" twit terrorists themselves.

As the Old-Testament prophets warned rebellious Israel who wanted no reminder of how filthy-dirty indecent and lewd their own community and neighborhood immodest feces were, modern-day prophets of the LORD remind the contagiously-pollutive perverts and pervertesses of the pointless and senseless depravity of them baring their warm-weather-exposed despicable carcasses within the U.S.A. -- and that He simply will NOT continue to bless nor protect America [with or without the absence of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden]...whether or not America blesses God....because:

1. Only a superior is capable of blessing an inferior - not an inferior blessing a superior, and

2. God will never support nor condone an immoral majority of summertime-immodest decency-ignoring frequently-misdressed vermin -- no matter HOW much cheap-grace presumption they proclaim that "Jesus will always forgive everyone of everything no matter what" and no matter how many Easter Prayer Breakfasts undercover-muslim Barry/Barack Soetoro/Obama mouths detailing [while blasphemously inferring application of such to himself] The Gospel of Jesus....while homosexuals-condoning heretic clergy like so-called "bishops" Kathy Jeffords and Mark Hanson of the ELCA suck it up - as deceived and deceitful ecclesiastical wolves-in-sheep's-clothing like their presidential false-prophet leader BHO [who reminds us of the demonic chatterbox missionary girl, mentioned in Acts 16:16-18, who God through Paul finally silenced].

Jesus Christ (the Genuine) will assuredly instead curse the immoral-majority wicked in America, and NOT for the racist cause shouted out by the so-called "rev" Wright (not to mention other purported clergy like Jesse Jackson, Marty King, and Barry Lynn). It's merely a matter of time and how He will do so. For the sake of bonafide Christians and Christian-compliant Republicans (even some Christian Democrats) the Lord probably will, like in the case of bargaining Abraham recorded in Genesis 18:20-33, temporarily have some degree of mercy for all of America (with or without Saddam and Osama around).

But as inflation and unemployment rises, as the tyranny of western decadence overpowers the righteous, as the horde of hostile bullyboys and bullgirls dishonor and despise the sacred shawl-and-robe-covered modesty of fundamentalist-islamic women and their non-effeminate non-tattooed bearded men, so the LORD (by His choice of divinely-appointed executioners) will, in so many unique and horrifying ways, cut off in large or smaller pieces the proverbial penises and stab the vulgarly-misattired vaginas of those coalition-infidel foreigners and their back-home supporters who have in effect sexually assaulted theologically and corruptly molested the ideologically-strictly-moral nations of some within Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. residing by themselves in their own sovereign territories.

Wanna-be democrat candidates who [among their sickeningly-homosexual and mythological-evolution constituency] blatter out their weaselword-excuse choice to "perform" (i.e. commit) abortion infanticide while boldly promising to raise taxes WAY past Clinton-level to Obama/Geithner/Pelosi/Reid/Sebelius-level blame Bush and his CIA/NSA/FBI plus those who not called "palestinians" [those peacefully living in the Holy Land who support the continuing existence of the State of Israel and Israeli ownership of all Biblically-defined Israeli-settlement lands promised Scripturally by God not merely to Abraham but especially to Isaac and Jacob, not Ishmael nor Esau] -- especially Jews therein who profess the Messiahship of the Jesus Christ of Isaac and Jacob, who understandably are trying to deport and eradicate Hamas/Hezbollah/Fatah-instigated suicide-bomber and other antisemitic arab vermin infesting the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

But - again - the surprise-attack bizarre invasion against Iraq, Afghanistan (and recently Osama-resided-within Pakistan) is not primarily the fault of Bush Jr nor War-Department bureaucrats and armed-forced-bouncer-like soldiers-of-fortune. To-be-respected under-duress King Bush had to accomodate the crazy half-naked mob of so-called 'We-Want-Change' Obamination nationally by forcefully commandeering and managing Iraqi oil because of deficient:

(1) Christ-as-Messiah-rejecting jews, like Social-Security-and-Medicare-disdaining Michael Medved and his RINO-Geithner-and-others ilk
(2) Greedy-pig, selfish, tailgating, indecently-exposed-during-summer public-nuisance deviates imposing irresponsible-freedom sexual harassment themselves in unabashed quiet defiance against chignoned or ponytailed, LONG-sleeved, LONG-skirted or SLACKS-adorned, SOCKS-with-shoes, true Christians
(3) Wall Street stock-market speculators selfishly and dangerously bidding up the price of each barrel of oil WAY beyond what the impoverished throughout America can afford at their gas-pump service stations, and (4) Obamanite enviromental nutjobs influencing from outside and themselves within the EPA and Interior Department refusing to issue permits for new oil-drilling projects on remote land areas eco-friendly with polar bears, whales, and other supposedly-"endangered" lifeforms such as sparrows mentioned by Jesus Christ in Matthew 10:31 and Luke 12:7 along with oxen mentioned by Saint Paul in First Corinthians 9:9.

As false-"christian" filthy trash has pushed America's soldiers to "liberate" Iraq and Afghanistcan and Pakistan (along with rebel insurrectionists burning churches in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen) with bondage of partially-immodest/partially-indecent pollution after disrupting the law-and-order stability enforced by long-term-reign, mature-minded-and-experienced, law-and-order-maintaining the Holy God of Almighty Vengeance and Retaliation will amply requite summertime-immodest american heretic apostates (despite their self-compensating/self-justifying temporary-winter-dressup irrationalizations) with all the catastrophic humiliation and pain they deserve.

Similar to Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro along his demoncrat political cronies and patsy network media making a non-comically-laughable big deal about hitting non-armed? retired-Al-Qaeda-mastermind and family-man Osama bin Laden Chicago-gangland-style (while leaving alive younger and now-more-shrewd Al-Qaeda underlings), George W Bush [despite his scary foreign-policy aggression] did Saddam a favor in forcing Saddam out of Iraqi leadership responsibilities, being that:

1. Saddam (and even bin Laden) were no "spring chicken." The elderly senior citizens were due for retirement anyway.

2. Getting Saddam into U.S. custody/protection prevented Saddam from being assassinated by rival islamic crazies, and secretly burying Osama within trial somewhat in the ocean enraged Al Qaeda operatives worldwide, especially those in Pakistan....and left questioning Americans both wondering and apprehensive.

3. BHO has NOT promised that Syria will never be the next to assault and decimate.

4. Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. half-breed BHO, born and birthed in Kenya from a rebellious, mixed-marriage-craving, twit mother who non-domestically divorced both of her two negroid husbands, which husband-bashed victims both died in vehicle accidents) has relentlessly attempted to justify his former illegal-alien-like non-citizenship by the fake multi-layered photoshopped Long-Form Birth Certificate purported by the Hawaii Dept of Health and White-House liars to be a copy of THE authentic "Barack Hussein Obama" original.....supports women's choice to choose whether or not to commit abortion-homicide (against the babe-word person defined as such by the pre-born reference of Luke 1:41 and the already-born reference of Luke 2:16).....allows self-righteous mopheads and worse to besiege anyone and everyone with tyrannical-twit, blattering-mouth, "battered"-women complaints ultimately destined for sexist-feminist-chauvenist judges in federal district courts, appeals courts, and even who BHO appointed to the High Court (the Kagan of which got herself involved in anti-"birther" court proceedings on BHO's behalf).....permits inferior-gender/weaker-sex choice to COMMIT (not "perform") such public-nuisance atrocities in so-called "health"-"clinic" death chambers nefariously mis-defined with weaselword satanspeak as "reproductive" "health" centers -- decreasing the number of babies to the thrill of humankind-extinction-promoting overpopulationists using motherbody-mangulation bloody barbarism attacking alleged "fetal slime" with Scalpels of Mass Destruction to convenience the irresponsibly immoral.

The anti-Osama genocide Obama and even some conservative talkshow hosts accuse Mubarak and Gaddafi of pales in comparison to the murders Obama and his Obaminites have indirectly committed by their public support of "Planned Parenthood" (a.k.a. Planned Parentlessness and Planned Promiscuity)....all pseudo-exoneratable by Obama's two abortion-choice feminists to the High Court.

5. BHO said he wants and intends to raise our taxes, so diehard dems and other suckers (supporting such like accursed fools, and ARE you listening Schultz on AM 950?)- have less to spend of their takehome paychecks.

6. BHO threatens to hamstring corporate execs so they - disallowed from relocating companies to cheap-labor Mexico, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. - simply declare bankruptcy or re-merge under a different name, then raise prices on consumers to cover losses accrued by such diversion, plus additional costs of labor-union strikes, slowdowns, and huge-settlement doled out for fraudulent workman's-comp injury and malpractice lawsuits.

When Obaminites declare that the U.S. has to linger longer militarily in Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places in the Middle East to "finish the job" (to the consternation of Ron Paul and isolationist followers) - what do they mean: "finish the job?" Seems to me such a "job" has no end but rather an endless and ever-increasing accumulation of newly-deceased American National Guard and body-bagged Marines no longer able to "Be All They Can Be" nor alive to cash in on military scholarship money for further schooling back in the States.

One of the things George did was to bring summertime-immodest americans closer in contact with islamic-fundamentalist Modesty Police...a dream I personally have had for quite a while....while mopheaded, summertime-sleevesless, slacksless and socksless pervertesses annually, relentlessly, and terroristically continue to flaunt their indecent, lust-and-porn-inciting lurid-seasonal fashions-and-styles insubordination and filthy lewdness....all of whom should be appropriately fined, imprisoned, and more, if and when necessary.

After Kenyan-born Obama Sr (who never was a United States Citizen but rather was in Hawaii with a visa which the State Department refused to renew), while a foreign student in Hawaii, impregnated Kansas-born BHO's mother ["Stanley" Ann Dunham], after which "Stanley" Obama-before-she-become-Soetoro did a quick-but-temporary getaway to Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa Kenya to birth BHO before relocating 15 days later as a night student at the University of Washington), muslim pseudo-"christian" Obama (after muslim-indoctrination schooling stints in Indonesia, followed by racist affirmative-action-enhanced black-reparations-motivated easy entrace into and exit out of Occidental and Columbia and Harvard) went to work for the notorious voter-fraud group ACORN in Chicago, after which the Alan-Keyes-defeating, assertive-rhetoric, negroid-yuppie BHO (clearly devoid of credible U.S.-citizen birth certificate) was (by slight-majority) elected President in 2008 with the conniving manipulations of voter-fraud groups like ACORN funded by Soros and certain jews of the type who crucified Christ an persecuted Saint Paul (as mentioned in the New Testament of The Holy Bible).

Our present Deceiver-in-Chief infesting the Oval Office has done what it takes to steal 600 billion dollars from Medicare to fund his death-rationing so-called Affordable Healthcare Act (but FAR from "affordable" and "healthy" to us common folk), which diabolically-devastating Obamascare with the help of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and substitute in a satanically-discriminating health-insurance boondoggle scheme which supposedly would extend appropriation funding for Medicare but instead will actually force impoverished to purchase health insurance such poor peasants really do not need and certainly cannot afford - or be fined by the IRS....and force health insurers to insure irresponsible handicapped who have brought pre-existing conditions upon themselves - thus causing the financially-depleted insurers to soon go belly up, increasing unemployment even more.

Moreover, Obama (through his appointed nazi/commie-like death-panel czars, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton) seems to be influencing a NATO-agitated coalition of Britain, France, and others under the presumed authority of the United Nation's Security Council to use insurrectionist rebels who burn Christian churches in Egypt to in fact threaten the stability of the State of Israel, to overthrow Egypt's Mubarak and seek to oust Libya's Gaddafi, plus stir up riots in Yemen and Syria....all in a hypocritically-plagiaring-George-Bush-like attempt to bolster his chances (especially by taking credit for and being given credit for the raid-on-Entebbe-dissimilar hit on bin Laden in Pakistan) to gain hawk-and-dove American-voter approval which he naiively presumes will enhance his chances for re-election in 2012, hoping that feminist-obsessed RINO republicans (like Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager) will again run another woman candidate (like mopheaded Michelle Bachmann, Nikki Haley, Condi Rice, etc.) similar to them running Sarah Palin in the election of 2008.