A few (honest and open-minded) people are legitimately and correctly considered: scientists. A much greater number of (dishonest and close-minded) people are legitimately and correctly considered both non-scientists and anti-scientists.

Have you ever had the nonpleasant experience of someone not merely doubting the existence of but contradicting (even perhaps with dogmatic defiance and arrogantly-belligerant presumptions) your clearly-correct assertion of the existence of something you know for certain does exist?

What should be your response verbally and behaviorally in physical action not merely toward such a person but particularly against such a person?

Should one argue, even to the point of gentle or raging profanity and expletives, against that disbeliever? Should such a disbeliever be physically assaulted by hand or with a weapon in retaliation? What type of punishment does that disbeliever deserve - financially, vocationally, occupationally, legally, economically, residentially, medically, and more?

The obvious existence of many not-realistically-deniable phenomena is to be readily admitted and acknowledged by the sane and civil in human society. Those who deny the existence of such existing phenomena understandably and thankfully experience not only rightful retribution by those who do not deny the existence of such phenomena, but the natural consequences of such denial relating to up-to-lethal effects experienced from mis-accomodation against non-alterable properties of non-changeable and continually-existing phenomena - which phenomena are indestructible manifestations of the impossible-to-overpower will of God.

To elaborate, if someone kills another, that other person killed is no longer around, and revenge for that killing by others who were quite interdependently connected with the one killed is justifiable and understandable. If one gets drunk, crashes into a tree while driving drunk, and consequentially becomes crippled from the neck down, a written Scriptural rule or Biblical report describing the entire situation is not necessary but does not affect, prevent, nor promote the once-done-thence-non-alterable self-inflicted handicap acquisition either way. If a person has genital sex with another person infected with contagious VD and gets VD by genitally connecting with the infected one, a written rule or statute or verse describing the entire situation does not cause, nor cure, nor worsen what has been committed.

Scripture verses are not alphanumerically inscribed in most natural phenomena with written language, but such natural phenomena and either accomodating or non-accomodating interaction and consequences with those phenomena occur anyway.....regardless.

We humans are, however, creatures of verbally-worded and written-lettered communication.....and of course are thus vastly different from (and one could rightly conclude: superior to) other created lifeforms. Such communication apparently gives us an obvious capacity to have dominion over all other [soul-less] creatures. Gaze point-blank into the occasionally-affixed wandering eyes of a gorilla behind a glass cage in a zoo, and you can easily perceive that although "he" sees you and your bodily movements, there is no made-in-the-image-of-God connection of companionship, affection, love or hatred from IT functioning only on instinct.....but is instead as if it (i.e. the gorilla, as with a dog or cat or horse or whatever and not whoever) has had a brain lobotomy.

One of the non-deniable phenomena which has come into existence consisting both of verbal and spoken-language traditions passed on and also of written-symbol alphanumerically-charactered letters and combinations of such known as words.....are the manuscripts on parchment and paper of what has become known as The HOLY BIBLE - far more elegant, elaborate, and respectably-intellectual than the vulgar-graffiti pithies spray-painted by poverty-perpetuating negroid-or-other dogs pissing out their changeable gang-boundary territories.....or media goofies hung-up with mantra-mouthing buzzword sloganeerings.

Are you still with me...or have you suddently and prejudicially side-tracked yourself off into some insane erroneous presumptions and proofless misconceptions against some or all of the contents of The HOLY BIBLE which you arrogantly, dogmatically, and mindlessly spew from some other person or group of people who have likewise prejudically side-tracked themselves off into some insane erroneous presumptions and proofless misconceptions against some or all of the contents of The HOLY BIBLE?

If you have so taken the pathetic course of bigoted error and senseless recourse to deliberate ignorance and wilful asinine stupidity, you certainly have the option to stop reading further what you are now reading, and go off with a huff into your never-never-land misfantasies of futility and eventual self-destruction.

On the other hand, if you are intrigued with insatiable curiosity in your quest for truth of all types, read on.

A skeptic who questions and doubts the time-tested multi-generational preservation and perpetuation of reputationally profound and extensive authenticity of the Scrivener/Trinitarian New-Testament Greek Text which some English Bible translations more or less accurately reveal here and there........or who questions and doubts the recorded New-Testament miracles, bonafide death by crucifixion, historical-fact bodily resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ....has MUCH more to question.....being that the entire Old-Testament of an even-greater assortment of Hebrew-Jew authors is filled with accounts of selected and bizarre supernatural (or at non-explainable) happenings and phenomena.

How much stock should we put into [purported] "eyewitness" accounts? How should we differentiate between once-in-a-lifetime seemingly-impossible-to-actually-occur literal recorded historical contrast to contextual parables of metaphor, symbolism, allegory, fable, myth, and fairy-tale?

Those sign-seekers who demand that the Almighty now reveal Jesus in the flesh or demand the spectacular performance of bizarre supernatural miracles to their own self-designated here-and-now restrictions must understand that no past-and-gone entities will appear according to the faithless whimsical demands of the disbelieving. "In many and various ways God spoke to our fathers in the past, but in these latter days He has spoken to us by His Son." Why not insist on seeing and touching Sir Isaac Newton, Chopin, Martin Luther, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Attilla the Hun, and Nero to prove their photographically-portrayed or non-photographically-portrayed past existence? Sufficient it is that the now-active and imminently-responsive Holy Spirit remarkably responds to the prayers and petitions of holy saints who love the Lord and do His will in accord with His Word. Christians and Christianity have lasted 2000 years for good reason, and will continue to because of Christ's interactive circumstantial provisions.

For starters, and in all fairness, the actual given Text of the Bible in entirety in the original-wording ben-Asher Masoretic Kittel-edited Hebrew Old-Testament Text in addition to the inerrant Scrivener/Trinitarian (not Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Westcott-Hort, nor Nestle) New-Testament Greek-Text wording, must actually and verifiably be carefully read, studied, and analyzed. From there proceed the creation or concoction of true or false interpretations, commentaries, and so forth. "In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God." Notice that it does not say: "In the beginning were the catholic-church creeds, the catechisms, the homilies, the sermons, the liturgies, the lectionaries, the lexicons, the commentaries, the writings of the early church fathers, the papal edicts, and the interpretations." It does not say: "In the beginning was The Interpretation, and The Interpretation was with God, and The Interpretation was God."

It is when everyday-average-person common streetwalkers walking the sidewalks actually read that original-Text Bible that they can even begin to intelligently evaluate the contents of the Bible without sounding like absolutely-ridiculous and despicable questioning, doubting, misquoting, and content-contradicting fools.

IS it impossible for a historically-recorded one-time occurrence of the Red Sea parting and thus enabling Israelites to walk across the formerly-submerged wet-sand(?) bottom? Was it impossible for "the Sun" to "stand still" as recorded in the book of Joshua? The sundial shadow to have receded in the opposite direction? An axe-head having floated in water? Endless flow of cooking oil out of a bottle? Dead people becoming alive again? Three guys tossed into a furiously-flaming crematorium incinerator but not becoming burned in any way? Water turned into wine? Blind-from-birth handicapped given sight by simply hand-touching eyes with moistened clay? Walking on water? Supplying Hungry-Man TV-Fish-Dinner equivalents to 5000 hungry men from a single Hungry-Man TV-Fish Dinner equivalent? A desert bush burning without it being consumed? Lame made to walk by simply talking them into standing up? Speaking a dead girl or deceased brother Lazarus back to life? Slowly floating up into a cloud and out of sight?

Rather than contradicting one another, as some slanderously suggest, the four New-Testament gospels contain similar-story accounts with differing-emphasis highlights along with acceptable maximum/minimum-number parameters (e.g. two/one blind men/man healed, the feeding of the 5000/4000, etc.) whereas exactly-identical accounts would smack of collaborative plagiarism and sport needless redundancy.

Let's say that two men are sitting on chairs underneath a densely-clouded sky on a moonless night. The fool says to the wise: "There is no Sun. You will never see the light of day." The wise might respond: "How do you know? What's your proof?" To which the fool retorts: "How do you know that sunlight will be there to be seen? What's your proof?" The wise responds: "It has happened in the past, and there is no indication that it will not happen again. I have seen sunlight with my own eyes, and therefore am a reliable eyewitness." The fool answers: "That is no proof that sunlight will occur, simply because you claim to be an eyewitness and purport that it existed in the past."

Let's take another scenario.

The fool states: "Radio waves do not exist." The wise states: "If I turn on this portable radio, you'll hear disgusting rap coming out of the speaker." The fool answers: "The purported existence of questionably-predicted disgusting rap coming out of that portable radio is no proof that radio waves exist. Perhaps you have a cassette recorder in there which you allege is able to produce disgusting rap."

Let's take another scenario.

The fool blatters out: Prove that x-rays exist, within the next ten seconds. Prove the existence of what you allege to be "invisible oxygen" existing within the next seven seconds. Describe the color purple within the next five seconds, and describe the duration of a minute before I raise my erected 3rd finger in front of your religious face. Hurry up, your time is running out, and you have not proved anything of any of those yet."

To immediately attempt to prove the contents of Scripture or a lot of everything else is similar to the above scenarios. Explanations plus the constructions and descriptions of proof take time, and are not tolerated by those impatiently spouting off with rapid-fire, don't-wait-for-an-answer, loaded-comments-and-questions-compounded, beat-around-the-bush, diversionary tangents.

Those noble ones who with humble common sense sincerely desire discovery and implementation of the truth in all things are the ones worth dialoging with....but those who do not desire to hear and operationize the truth are only to be indignantly discriminated against, hatefully-rebuffed-and-not-compromisingly-loved, ignored, and avoided with spiteful and genuinely-righteous indifference.