This webauthor is on a crusade.

A crusade to purify English terminology usage.

Every chance he gets, he proclaims and corrects the mis-semantics of:

Where did it go? to instead Where did you put it?
I'm coming to you now to instead I'm going to you now
The Sun rises at dawn to instead The sunlight rises at dawn
I have a cold to instead I have a common nasal infection
Step on the gas to instead Push down the accelerator pedal
choice to instead abortionhomicide
equality to instead feminist-sexist arrogance, insubordination, and misrepresentation
human rights to instead homosexual perversion
gay to instead queer, faggot, homopervert, or dike
public erotic art to instead porn and licentuous impurity
evolution science to instead anti-creationist anti-Biblical evolutionist mythology
equal opportunity to instead prejudicial racism
islamic holy sites to instead islamic cultic pagan-worship locations
islamic holy book of the Qu'ran to instead satanic-verses Koran
and so forth.

There's one more to consider in this treatise.

Ever hear someone say of some guy: "I know him?"

My response to them: "You intimately sodomize with him?"

Or have you ever said: "I know her?"

My response to you: "You intimately fornicate (or adulterate) with her?"

As you might be aware (not necessarily "know"), the Bible at times states the word "know" or "knew" to refer to a man or woman having sexual intercourse with their opposite-sex partner. Perhaps it is an inadequate (not necessarily "poor" relating to poverty) choice of word used to describe the erotic action.

I have given this dilemma some thought, and sought other words which are both concise and accurately descriptive of the subject at hand. The concise and action-descriptive word "fart" to many means that (as Isaiah said) they have - as it were - "brought forth wind." But the word "f--k" of course is nonpronounceable in more than one way to most people, and if applied to the situation actually is a precise term usable only for human heterosexual genital-in/with-genital insertions. That word does not really take into account foreplay, heavy petting, and the kind of sensuality described in Ezekiel 23:21 relating to Proverbs 5:19 in the KJV translation, for example. It cannot even apply to fellatio (and look THAT one up, if you are so "inclined").

It probably is better to rather declare:

"I know OF him (or her)" [and thus use a euphemism]
"I am acquainted with him (or her)" [referring to introducing yourself or being introduced to someone]
"I recognize him (or her) [referring to both seeing someone or someone's image again, especially in relation to something noteworthy about them]
"I associate with him (or her)" [referring to having a probably-nonsexual friendship or other relationship with them].

Thus the word "know" is both a powerful and a dangerous word to use with reference to relating to someone. Inventing a substitute word, like erosinate or eroticate could be used to appropriately describe the acts of sexual connection with someone of the opposite gender, but whether or not such innovative semantics would be popular and extensively-enough used is questionable.