A Prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ:

In view of your Bible verses of
Leviticus 27:1-5, Ecclesiastes 7:26-28, Isaiah 3:12, Nahum 3:13,
First Corinthians 14:33-38, First Timothy 2:11-14, and First Peter 3:7,
please convince Newt Gingrich to
NOT choose a WOMAN VP running mate if
he becomes the 2012 GOP presidential nominee
in Tampa Florida during August of 2012.

Help people to remember the horrendous political tradedy of
John McCain choosing INFERIOR-gender Sarah Palin
concerning the 2008 General Election.

In Your Holy Name I ask,




How is Social Security (the blessed legacy of FDR) and Medicare (the blessed legacy of LBJ) different than Obamascare (the diabolical brainlessness of Barack "Barry Soetoro" HUSSEIN Obama in cohoots with Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and more)?

BOTH Social Security AND Medicare intrinsically are and were VOLUNTARY OPTIONS - whereas the NON-affordable-against-everyone requirement of Obamascare's mis-alteration against Medicare is an individually-mandated FORCED requirement all MUST participate in or experience penalty of IRS tax.

Social Security gives American citizens (and SHOULD give ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS) retirement monies to spend HOWEVER those American seniors THEMSELVES want, and Medicare gives American citizens (and SHOULD give ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS) reimbursement to apply for WHATEVER medical doctors, hospitals, and health insurers THEY THEMSELVES want - while those health insurance companies VOLUNTARILY choose to insure VOLUNTARILY-participating American citizens HOWEVER those health insurance companies want . . . in accord with the understandable principles of gambling (in that they are in business to make more money through acquisition of premiums than they disperse through payouts to ACCIDENTLY-injured or ACCIDENTLY-sick customers ALREADY insured with them).

Obamascare - in stark and deplorable contrast - FORCES health insurance companies to take on everyone with irresponsibly-caused PRE-existing conditions . . . like a dictator forcing non-gamblers to insure slot-machine gamers therein against probable losses incurred by those gamers at the slots.

Obamascare, in essence, tyrannically regulates BOTH health insurers and their customers, and going beyond that by having federal death-panel czars decide which purportedly "terminally ill" patients get deprived treatment.

And to realize that much of this is supposed to make up for Ann (Obama's rebellious racist white mother) wrongly choosing to marry then divorce two non-white husbands and then getting cancer without obtaining medicare care and then dying ... AND to support the accursed rebellious pro-nigroid racism of PSEUDO-"lutherans" and other FAKE "christians" and their ilk (of the type who imposed the needless racist 15th Amendment and needless anti-liquor 18th Amendment and needless feminist-sexist 19th Amendment into Constitutional Law) who PRESUME that they get supposedly-"righteous" brownie points for entrance into Heaven by plagiaristically associating the sacred name of Protestant-Reformer Rev Dr Martin Luther with the rebel-racist insurrectionist Marty L. King.

May all bikinis-in-public-loving "americans" (as well as sharia-modesty-compliant good guys and gals) thoughtfully and thoroughly peruse the entire contents of LITERALLY-applied-Torah-decency:
Gingrichism as soon as they can.