It seems that many government-subsidized personnel - perhaps ignorantly but certainly errantly - declare and promote (as purported time-period "truth") million/billion-year PSEUDO-"scientific" MYTHOLOGY of incredibly-long ages of time for imagined "evolutionary" changes occurring (whether very gradually or occasionally sometimes suddenly).

Caught in the duress of FALSELY-PRESUMED so-called "experts" and their LYING-PRESUPPOSITION accomplices pertaining to origins timing, such taxpayer-funded tour guides [leading general-public tours of underground caves and caverns, waterways, canyons, geysers, fossils, live or stuffed animals, observatories and planetariums, etc.] recite with PROOF-LESS rote repetition TOTALLY-INCORRECT blatterings of million/billion-year fabricated-eon HERESY.

This SENSELESS BARRAGE of MISINFORMATION is chiefly due to hostile-against-religion lack of SCRIPTURAL education. Because CORRECT origins-dating information originates from and is verified in the HOLY BIBLE, it is wrongly pooh-poohed by prejudiced bigots who irreligiously, anti-religiously, and illegally discriminate against all possible and rational sources of REAL truth, especially Scriptural Ultimate Truth. To cite a practical example, if a priest posted a DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE sign on a live industrial transformer, anti-science educrats would simply dismiss such a life-saving warning sign as "religious" - and someone would needlessly get electrocuted. If a priest blessed a glass of water, the ACLU, PAW, AUSCS, and other Christ-Almighty-hating subversives would deprive a man dying of thirst on the grounds that such water was "unconstitutionally" "religious." Such demented and ridiculous INSANE ABSURDITY must not be tolerated according to anyone's common-sense definition of "diversity." But confront self-appointed know-it-all fools however, and: "A stupid man will get understanding, when a wild donkey's colt is born a man" (Job 11:12).

Continuing on, the incorrect million/billion-year tripe is perpetuated because of a lamentable ignorance or disbelief in the tremendous, colossal, cataclysmic, massive effect that Noah's Worldwide Flood had to super-quickly alter Earth's surface in nearly-incredible gigantic proportions in an extremely short time. The rapidly-spreading hemispheric-separation crack underneath Earth's oceans allowed "the fountains of the deep" to violently spew into the global atmosphere, drastically and promptly changing Earth's climate from the equatorial regions to both polar areas. Simultaneously, "the windows of the heavens" were opened (Genesis 7:11) causing previously-never-before-experienced torrential rains to gouge out grand canyons and miles-deep ocean ravines, pushing up terrestial crust to mile-high mountain ranges and peaks. Plummeting temperatures caused frozen-water glaciers to carve out Utah-like unique rock formations, leaving behind myriad residue lakes in which were trapped fish of every kind (which, of course, exist to their very day - minus the fished-out trophy-sized lunkers which swam around therein).

Pertaining to the time transpiring before that Great Worldwide Flood, the Bible contains a precise record of the overlapping-lifespan geneologies of pre-Noah patriarchs right back to Adam himself and the day he was formed a naked adult of earth dust directly by the Creator. Previous to that, we read in Genesis chapter 1 of the Holy Bible that there was a Creation Week consisting of six "days." Incidently, the sun, moon, and stars with their enroute-to-Earth starlight were not created until Day 4 of Creation Week -- according to Genesis 1.

Time elapsed between "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1).....and the end of Day 1 of Creation specifically revealed in Exodus 20 verse 11 which states: "...for in SIX DAYS the LORD made HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE SEA, and ALL THAT IS IN THEM, and rested the seventh day...." Thus, in ONE DAY the LORD created not only the heavens and the earth, but also the non-solar-light day mentioned in Genesis 1:3-5.

Relating to the precise length and period of time a "day" is, the Hebrew-Text word for "day" in Genesis chapter one is: yom (pronounced yome), and when combined with the Hebrew idiom : "And there was evening and there was morning" (Genesis 1:5,8,13,19,23,31), the ONLY POSSIBLE time periods applicable were 24 hours each (one of which consisted of that non-solar-light day previously alluded to).

Concerning (not "regarding" nor even "pertaining to") evolution vs. Biblical creationism, not only did New-Testament-Text authors (Matthew thru John) but also Christ Jesus Himself took the descriptions mentioned in Genesis 1 LITERALLY....and NONE was in error doing so -- being that "before-all-things" Jesus was and is that Divine Force who "holds all things together and in whom all things exist" (Colossians 1:17) - which Son of God "upholds the universe by His Word of power" who "did found the Earth in the beginning" (Hebrews 1:3,10).

In summary, a deplorably harmful disservice with far-reaching consequences is done against the general taxpaying public by government-subsized tour guides and narrators reciting non-scientific anti-Scriptural disinformation relating to origins time-period history - for whatever arrogant, non-thinking, unbelieving, prejudiced and bigoted, anti-religious excuse(s) they mindlessly concoct. The Holy Spirit will do all it takes to cause rectification to occur.

Correcting English-Language Bible Translations

(NOTE: The following choices of precise wording selected below is subject to review, evaluation, and correction if necessary by whoever is guided by the Holy Spirit)

The New-Testament Greek word anthropos (and root-related near-synonymns) means: a HUMAN........but does not merely mean "MAN" with all the potential for gender confusion accompanying an overly-broad non-called-for misuse and overuse of that male-oriented word "man."

The Greek word andra means: husband.....and the Greek word aner means: man (that is: MALE human being). Neither andra nor aner EVER has a FEMALE connotation!

Likewise, the New-Testament Greek word gynaika (and root-related near-synonymns) means: a WOMAN.......whereas the Greek word gyne means: wife. This - as you might easily deduce - is where we get our English word "gynecology" pertaining to women and their private parts and functioning. Neither gynaika nor gyne EVER has a MALE connotation!

The general word "person" CANNOT be SUBSTITUTED for anthropos (and root-related near-synonymns), because (case in point!): the Holy Spirit is a "Person" and the Holy Spirit is of course not human. Thus, English words must be chosen precisely to accurately and fairly represent whatever gender (if any particular one) is intended by the apostolic authors in their original-autograph Text -- now known to us as the Scrivener/Trinitarian TRUE Greek Text (i.e. Received Text or - if you prefer the Latin: Textus Receptus) of the New Testament.

The (hopefully accurate and correct as best as I presently can!) English words for a few of the New-Testament verses of the book of Matthew and more are shown below:

KEY: The English letters used for the Greek-Text words are transliterated from the Greek letters in my own format. Thus, e = epsilon but (e) = eta and o = omicron but (o) = omega. The reason I chose to use parentheses is that old-fashioned common typewriters cannot print either bold nor italic, and are obviously and generally incapable of typing Greek lettering.

MATTHEW 1:19 = But her man [Gr. an(e)r] Joseph, being just ....
MATTHEW 1:20 = do not fear to take Mariam your woman [Gr. gynaika].....
MATTHEW 4:04 = A human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] shall not live by bread lone....
MATTHEW 7:09 = If a human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] of you whose son [Gr. uios] asks for.....
MATTHEW 7:24 = ...a prudent husband [Gr. andri] built his [Gr. autou] house upon the....
MATTHEW 8:09 = I am a human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] under authority.....
MATTHEW 8:20 = The son [Gr. uios] of the select human [Gr. anthr(o)pou] has no place to lay....
MATTHEW 9:09 = Jesus saw a notable human [Gr. anthr(o)pon] called Matthew...and said to him [Gr. aut(o)]...
MATTHEW 10:35 = I have come to sever a notable human [Gr. anthr(o)pon] with his [Gr. autou] father [Gr. patros] and a daughter [Gr. thygatera] with her [Gr. aut(e)s] mother [Gr. m(e)tros] and a bride [Gr. nymph(e)n] against her [Gr. aut(e)s] mother-in-law [Gr. pentheras] and the enemies of the select human [Gr. anthr(o)pou] will be those of his [Gr. autou] house.
MATTHEW 11:08 = What did you go out to see? A notable human [Gr. anthr(o)pon] clothed in...
MATTHEW 12:10 = There was a human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] with a withered hand....
MATTHEW 12:11 = Of a human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] of you having one sheep....
MATTHEW 12:35 = A saintly human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] out of the hearts good treasure...
MATTHEW 12:43 = When the nonclean spirit goes out away from the select human [Gr. anthr(o)pou]...
MATTHEW 13:24 = A housemaster human [Gr. anthr(o)p(o)] who planted good seed in his [Gr. autou] field...
MATTHEW 15:11 = ...going into the mouth defiles the notable human [Gr. anthr(o)pon]...
MATTHEW 18:07 = Woe to a housemaster human [Gr. anthr(o)p(o)] by whom temptation comes...
MATTHEW 19:03 = Is it lawful for a housemaster human [Gr. anthr(o)p(o)] to put away his [Gr. autou] woman [Gr. gynaika]...
MATTHEW 19:05 = For this cause a human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] shall leave the [Gr. ton] father and the [Gr. t(e)n] mother, and...
MATTHEW 19:8 = put her [Gr. aut(e)n] away...
MATTHEW 19:10 = If such is the case of the select human [Gr. anthr(o)pou] with the [Gr. t(e)s] woman [Gr. gynaikos], it is not....
MATTHEW 26:24 = Woe to a housemaster human [Gr. anthr(o)p(o)] by whom the son [Gr. uios] of the select human [Gr. anthr(o)pou] is would have been better for a human [Gr. anthr(o)pos] as such to not be born.

LUKE 1:36 = And hey, Elizabeth your relative! And she [Gr. aut(e)] conceived a son [Gr. uion] in her [Gr. aut(e)s] old age...
LUKE 1:41 = ...the babe [Gr. brephos] leaped in her [Gr. aut(e)s] womb [Gr. koilia]...
LUKE 2:16 = ...and the babe [Gr. brephos] lying in a manger [Gr. phatn(e)].

I CORINTHIANS 6:9-10 = ....neither fornicators [Gr. pornoi] nor idolaters [Gr. eid(o)lolatrai] nor adulterers [Gr. moichoi] nor effeminate [Gr. malakoi] nor sodomites [Gr. arsenokoitoi]...shall inherit the kingdom [Gr. basileian] of God.

REVELATION 18:6 = And I saw the woman [Gr. gynaika] drunk from the blood of the saints...

As you might guess, the above are only a TINY sampling of where "man" MUST be replaced with "human" or whatever is most appropriate - not because of anti-male feeminist-sexist chauvenism and so-called "inclusive language" (which is of no consideration pertaining to this website), but instead CORRECTLY rendering the TRUE sense of the Greek word pertinent to precise gender description or lack of it.....which, inevitably, places MORAL cognition, scentience, and responsibility upon the inferior-gender WEAKER sex (I Peter 3:7) as much as upon MALE-human-being "men."

For more information, feel free to log into other CDCCMN websites such as:


1. Spouses who are closest friends and domicile cooperative partners with each other in optimistic joy.

2. Spouses exhibiting genuine GALATIANS 5:13-26 fruits of the Spirit (e.g. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness).....with 1st Corinthians chapter 13 agape love (being patient and kind, not jealous nor boastful, not arrogant nor rude, always believing the best about the other person) fervent and consistent eros/erotic love (study the Proverbs chapter 5, the entire Song of Solomon along with 1st Corinthians 7:1-5).....without polluting and defiling sexual diversions in the form of porno licentuousness, lasciviousness, idolatry, immodesty, nor impatient and selfish abuse (in view of Proverbs 7, Ezekiel 16 and 23, Jeremiah 2, Hebrews 13:4 and Rev. 21:8).

3. Spouses relentlessly adhering to all of the following:

a. 1st Timothy chapter 5 husbands providing for their own wives by honest and worthy hands-on work.
b. No drunkenness with nicotene, alchohol, nor narcotics
c. No equal-with-men sexist-feminist unsubmissive insubordination and arrogance (per Leviticus 27:1-5, Isaiah 3:12, 1st Corinthians 11:1-16 and 14:33-38, 1st Timothy 2:12-15, and 1st Peter 3:1-7)
d. Wives obeying and respecting their own husbands
e. Ephesians 4-5 husbands gently being considerately tender with their own wives, not harsh against them, giving honor to the woman as the weaker vessel.

Though the above is pictured with a non-obscene hairstyle, some celebrities have had spouses with sexually CONFUSING and sexually-HARASSING mopheaded LOOSE long hair not conducive to facilitating trusting confidence. Contrast that with the MODEST but POTENTIALLY-satisfying LEGITIMATELY-erotic hairstyle of the following teen beauty:

This webmaster looks forward to a new legislative bill destined to become the new law of the land by statute, which basically states that any married couple (either of which member desires divorce) who were married in a church wedding ceremony have to get divorced NOT by lawyers and judges in the secular worldly court system but instead get divorced in a CHURCH - specifically the one they were married in (if still available).


OPENING SONG (by Humperdink)

Please release me, let me go;
I don't love you any more.
To stay as one would be a shame;
Release me, and let me live again.

PASTOR: That song really SUCKS.

Dearly beloved, we have gathered together for this lamentable occasion of seeing these two imbeciles attempt to break their initial sacred wedding vows against each other and us all in the presence of Almighty God.

If anyone has any reasonable cause why these two people should stay married to each other, they should have talked to them or me before now. This is no time to bring up anything now that the service has started, and possibly start a riot. So put a lid on it and simply sit there in silence. It's too late. "The Lord will provide."

Who doesn't want this woman to be divorced from this man?

WOMAN'S FATHER: Her mother and I.

PASTOR: Who doesn't want this man to be divorced from this woman?

MAN'S FATHER: Her mother and I.

CHILDREN OF THE MAN AND WOMAN: Excuse us, but we would also like to be heard and not merely seen in this particular situation. We concur that it is an asshole-ridiculous idea for us to suffer relationship disorientation and disillusionment by letting some noncaring bozos cause us to lose our temporarily selfish-attitude mom and egocentric dad not living together in tender Christian forgiveness, peace, and unity.

PASTOR: That's understandable. However, they are making their own asinine choice. I'll do my best to talk them out of it.

PASTOR (to the woman): Being that the weaker-sex inferior-gender is usually the one to blame who causes trouble in the first place, what do you lunatics really want, and what are you actually here for?

WOMAN: I want a divorce from this dude.

PASTOR: WHY? You'd better give me one duce of a good excuse, being that I never did go for all that premarital or whatever marital-counseling interrogation crap.

WOMAN: He lusts at porn and has lusted at nude danceresses downtown, and previously bedded nude masseuses and escorts he didn't even know the name of, who don't considered themselves married to him. He makes sarcastic remarks against my occasional sinfulness, is not as rigidly erect as he once was, and gets flaccid and limpid when I say it hurts and push him away.

PASTOR (to man): And what's your side of the story?

MAN: She started it with her immersion into TV soaps, womens magazines, and non-domestically flirting around at night, and I could not stop her. Her friends (especially MALE ones she holds hands with and hugs during "prayer" meetings, are more important to her than me. She is a feminist snot, presumes that she not only is equal to me, and in many ways "superior." She belittles me in front of her frinds, and is chauvenistically disobedient and noncooperative so much that I want to avoid her as much as possible. Her and her greedy-for-money warped-mentality feminist-sexist-twit lawyeress friend have connived and conspired against me secretly to get as much alimony and house-ownership rights as they can from the bleeding-heart battered-women-sympathetic courts as possible.

PASTOR: Satan's fucked-up lawyerettes and feminist judges are notoriously well-known among us all. Such abusive vile-vermin filth will certainly have a special place of never-ending torment in hellfire someday soon.

(To the woman): What is your problem, woman? Don't you remember that GOD through his faithful apostolic Bible writers ordered you to love, obey, respect, and be in submissive subjection to your own husband? What is with you? Why have you screwed up? You have seriously sinned, and need to apologize right here and now to GOD, to this congregation, and especially to your husband here!

WOMAN: I have sinned, and apologize to God, to this congregation, and especially to this husband of mine.

PASTOR (to the man): And do you apologize to God, this congregation, and especially to your wife here - for retaliating against your wayward worser half with porn and expensive masseuse harlots?

MAN: Yeah.

PASTOR: Either one of you still want to divorce?



PASTOR (to everyone): You two can go home and get it on together after we all go downstairs for a beer to celebrate.