Corp Need

The latest flap in the demonic network media (such as the quasi-treasonous at MSNBC, CNN, etc. - namely, dishonestly and deceptively lying insinuators Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donnell, Paul Begala, Piers Morgan, Joy Behar, subversives of the History plus H2 channel, and many others), as of the first half of October 2011, is to satanically puff and showcase despicable-vermin street protesters ranting on against American corporations and their alleged "greed."

Pro-homogay/pro-homosodomite-union, pro-abortion-choice, anti-Israeli-settlement Obomination has to blame someone and something for failed-Stimulus/mandated-Obamascare-instigated joblessness, and the mindless rabble-rousing protester patsies are quite the public-nuisance spokes-asses for such attempted fault-diversion.

The real-estate housing market, reeling from the collapse of Freddie and Fannie no-collateral mortgage-related foreclosures and lowered house prices, are the results of financially-crippling civil-rights and equal-rights reparations-for-blacks-and-women given non-restrained excess.

The lower house prices (although they and the local property taxes related to them are not that much lower) might seem an incentive for the poor to finally be able to afford a house of their own, but the problem is that the unemployed poor now can hardly pay their minimum-survival monthly bills.

As damnable gambler-speculators "investors" on Wall Street bid up the prices on a barrel of oil (sorry, ditzhead Medved!), our local service-station gasoline prices at the pumps vacillates and soars like a deranged yo-yo.

Admittedly, most American corporations and businesses have seen the proverbial handwriting on the wall when Reid and especially Nancy Pelosi diabolically took control of a democrat Congress in 2006, in effect rendering George W Bush hamstrung and a lame duck....much like the 'Tea-Party' GOP House is thankfully causing socialist/Marxist/fascist borrow-and-spend-when-he-does-not-have-it pro-Planned-Parentlessness/Planned-Promiscuity Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama (in fact born in Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa Kenya and NOT Hawaii!) to fortunately now himself be the hamstrung lame duck.

Apart from biased feminist sexist and pro-homo-rebel godlessly-discriminatory female and earring-in-left-earlobe anti-Biblical/anti-Christian human-resource interviewers and evaluators blackballing potential employees from corporate and small-business employment, it is precisely those very corporations and businesses...operating in free capitalism...which are a solution out of America's stalled economy and huge national deficit.

They (minus the previously-mentioned subversives in human resources) are, and much more can become, the source of jobs and employment revitalizing the United States, increasing productivity and prosperity, lessening dangerous dependence upon foreign imports, and stabilizing the dollar (much to the obvious delight of the wise and perceptive Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke).

It is not the corporations and large businesses of America which ne'er-to-well part-time-yuppie insurrectionist protesters should disrupt the status quo about.

It is instead Obominate bureaucrats wasting money on so-called "green" energy boondoggles forcing faux dependence upon wind-farm wind turbines which do not turn when there is no wind blowing and photocell panels which do not produce electricity from sunlight at night and when covered with snow.

It is instead Obominate bureaucrats wanting to tax "the" "rich" - which "rich" are the very ones providing at least minimum-wage jobs to those considered poor to lower middle class. "Rich" like now-deceased Steve Jobs of Apple/Macintosh who supplied Hollywood with spectacular graphics software and devices? 'Rich" like Bill Gates who supplied 90% of the operating system of PC computers throughout the entire world? Who is the bastard or bitch protester who has a problem with that?

It is instead Obominate bureacrats at the EPA, Interior Department, and others who concoct non-reasonable environmental restrictions for the presumed sake of a minute groups of allegedly-endangered weird animal and insect species (while disregarding far-more-important humans) in preventing drilling for oil and laying tastefully-hidden vast acres of actually-working solar panels in remote areas out West on our own continental territories, which prevention thus disallows us weaning away from dependence upon foreign oil from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and especially antisemitic Middle-Eastern suppliers.

As long as Obomination allows corporations and businesses to relocate resources to foreign countries like Taiwan, China, Mexico, and so forth, corporations and businesses will (to escape debilitating antitrust and other red-tape bindings from Obominate agencies) do what is convenient to make a reasonable sustainable profit ultilizing the non-restrictiveness of cheaper hard-worker labor markets overseas to bring back better-and-cheaper-than-American-made products from such places as China, which less-expensive products American consumers at Walmart and other stores gladly purchase and (in one sense) "save" money at...rather than wasting it on shoddy products carelessly rolled out by belligerent anti-Walker American-union workers demanding higher wages for doing less-quality work with inferior materials used to cut corners.

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