What is Science?

Science is the ongoing endeavor and continuing accomplishment of humans to - more and more - precisely and accurately explore and describe all phenomena and entities which or who exist, plus intelligently and logically speculate pertaining to both their origins and future destinies.

Some of those phenomena and entities occurred, occur, or will occur as one-time events, but most are repetitious.

Humans have, do, and will discover and describe phenomena and entities with words, pictures, mathematical symbols, and other representations in various degrees of simplicity or complexity.

Alluding to one rather-respected, non-deniable, not-to-be-ignored phenomenon and physical object within our environment: "THE" Bible, we are informed that the previously-mentioned scientific name-calling began with the first human "Adam" who (according to the Sacred Record) was created by "God" (the Creator). Adam was thus (according to our present knowledge) the first scientist to exist on Earth.

Though it is obvious, by manipulatory breeding involving hybrids, that deliberate or environmentally-related adaptations have occurred, are occurring, and will occur within species-variety KINDS, there is absolutely NO proof - scientific or religious - that genetic mutations (beneficial or harmful) occurring in the process of natural sexual reproduction have ever - gradually or suddenly - caused genetically-altered offspring themselves capable of reproducing the same mutations nor the effects of the same mutations in their offspring, resulting in what should reasonably be considered an honestly-different species-variety KIND.

As Job 11:12 plainly states: "A stupid man will get understanding, when a wild donkey's colt is born a man." Concordantly, lifeforms which reproduced from the first specimen according to their kinds have and continue to INVARIBLY reproduce according to their kinds over the entire span - without one exception - of human observational recorded history.

Speaking of that religious text called The HOLY BIBLE relating to referring to it for scientific research, theory formulations, and present evaluations assumed (not presumed) as scientific truth and is absurd, ridiculous, deceitful, and scientifically invalid to ignore Scripture for scientific declarations. Those who do disregard that Bible because it is a 'religious' text have a nonconstitutional, heretical, and demented aversion against REAL truth and facts, no matter if the source of such is religious or non-religious, and such subversive persons who (as Romans chapter 1 puts it) 'suppress the truth by wilful ignorance' are neither scientists themselves, nor genuine authentic scientists, nor speak for scientists, nor speak scientifically - whether or not "educationally" or "scholastically" credentialed. Saint Paul, in First Timothy 6:20, adequately enlightens everyone with:

".....guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called science."

Suppose (and such a supposition is not unlikely nor unrealistic) that two different living entities told you two VERY different (and in ANY sense incompatible with each other) reports of THE (and when it comes right down to it - logically - there is ONLY one) origin of what we sense with our five senses pertaining to HOW the phenomena in our environment came about.

One of the entities is a certain type of bypass-reality voluntarily-idiotic fool (I must tell it like it is - sorry!), which fool equally-foolish concurring dishonest, deceitful, presumptuous, prejudiced, close-minded and downright lying fellow entities and their media maniacs would erroneously term an 'expert' (having been meticulously, studiously and willingly brainwashed inside an academic coven of similarly misnamed 'experts' who have bestowed on their colleague infamous honors of higher-degree recognition for reiterating some variant form of intellectually-warped pseudo-scholastic propaganda deserving such doltic laureate honor).

That professor, curator (or whatever other title given such an undeserver) blatters - without empirical proof - that:

1. the Universe and Earth are 'billions' of years old
2. both Universe and Earth started out with a 'Big Bang explosion'
3. after the alleged Big Bang, rapidly-expanding gases cooled and gravitationally [albeit magically] collected (an enigma of reversing their tremendous previous outwardly-inertial trajectories), finally magically lumping together so tight they magically became molten lava which re-cooled and magically transformed into water and rocky crust
4. after which, inanimate earth and sea magically evolved all-parts-fully-functioning adult-and-not-womb-sourced lifeforms which allegedly and magically reproduced from simple to complex species over purported millions of years.

As a child, I used to hear childish myths of the never-never land of make-believe. Sadly, some immature grownups still immerse themselves therein. Seems to me occurring-only-once unusual miracles of a certain reputable Sacred Book have more going for them than such ludicrous fairy tales.

In complete contrast and no-matter-how-you-look-at-it contradiction, the other ['creationist?'] entity declares that:

a. there was NO Big Bang: Earth came into being suddenly and silently all alone in an empty Universe
b. that event occurred less than 10,000 years ago
c. water covered a rocky barrier enclosing Earth's molten core at the beginning of Earth's history
d. a shroud of dense water vapor enclosed tthe entire planet, causing uniformly-pleasant worldwide temperature
e. the Sun and stars did not become existent for at least 72 hours after Earth came into being
f. lifeforms emerged from the ground, but always reproduced only into the same kind as in-kind 'variations' and 'adaptations' took place.

Now, who would YOU believe?

The evolutionary entity (mentioned first) has nothing substantial nor definitive to base his rather-laughable conjecture upon. He has no photographic or video proof of his presumptions. The other entity has a Book containing a plethoria of internally and externally congruent explanations correctly relating to nature and natural phenomena to substantiate the veracity of The Book's simple and straightforward record.

A Book? What Book? We'll get to that later.

Science - TRUE science - consists of accurate, realistic, and measurable descriptions of what really exists around us. To presume that the Earth is flat, for example, is not concordant with the admitted general-public observation of Earth being a spherical globe when seen from NASA-assisted space-vessels in orbit. But authentic science entails truthful wording which rightly describes what ACTUALLY is and does indeed exist as is.

THAT and that alone should obviously be public-school 'science' instruction, education, and curriculum.....and never wrongly-speculative made-up hypothetical theories with no factual basis whatsoever.

Simply because some religious person states THE truth about origins in a public-school, tour-guided cave, public natural history museum, or similar does NOT negate nor invalidate THE truth of his most-enlightening assertions and postulations. True is true. Facts are Facts - whether slandered, libeled, reviled, or accused of being "religion" or not. And such are not altered by being in either a secular public OR a private religious setting!

There are many anti-social anti-rational accusatory and prejudiced people around who - with dangerous vitriolic hatred - despise both truth AND [religious] truth-tellers. Accusing certain religious informers of imbibing in fantasy apparitions, hallucinations, and superstitution, the accusers THEMSELVES are erroneously-judgmental hypocrites with their nonsubstantiated rumors and hocus-pocus legends of the evolutionary entity previously mentioned.

Such anti-mentality detriments against reason are bent on imposing against both themselves and especially others factless, preposterous, irreligiously-cultic deviations and off-on-a-tangent excursions into the limitless abyss of diversional weaselwording against what is plainly observable and historically quite trustworthy.

They arrogantly and blatantly ignore, disregard, nonthinkingly discredit, and disdain the Non-Prohibition-of-Religion clause of the First Amendment of The Constitution....and instead one-sidedly harangue on the Non-Establishment clause of that Amendment (contrary to the implied intent of both the Founding Fathers and their Creator who endowed us with certain inalienable rights).

What is to be done about all this?

Should origins-illuminating Scripture be read and considered in origins-science PUBLIC-school classrooms and libraries.... taken at non-critical and literal face value? Does the sun rise at morn and set at eve? Is water wet? Do we all [in a near-humiliating sense] waste a third of our lives lying down in coma-like reminiscent-of-death sleep? Do we breathe air? Do we not incessantly visit the lavatory? Immediate and decisive rhetorical answers are on the precious lips of all verifiably-wise, actually-intelligent, sensibly-rational people in non-feigned unequivocally-complete agreement.

Genuine scientists (not false nor fake pseudo-'scientists') leave NO source out of their consideration which is not obviously self-destructive nor clearly-ridiculous to utilize in their relentless and nonstoppable search for truthful answers to understandable and necessary questions. One such source is Scripture, to put it bluntly.

Though the record of Genesis creation is not abounding in complex symbolic hieroglyphics and equations of mathematical probability, geometry, calculus, tensor analysis, and celestial mechanics...nor profuse with multi-lettered Latin names for the myriad diversity of lifeform variations....the basic words used describing actual events of the past are certainly to be studied by PUBLIC [and parochial] school students on every academic level of competency and knowledge, and recited without cruel and mindless reprobation-based fear.....rather than the absurd openly-rebellious rantings of frequently mean-spirited, hostile and suppressive, anti-religion evolutionary bigots. Bible verses applicable for the reader to ponder, in summary, are Job 11:12, Romans 1:18-23, First Corinthians 15:39-41, First Timothy 6:20 (KJV), Hebrews 11:3 (RSV), First Peter 3:3-13, and Revelation 14:12.