Can we assume (not presume) that whatever God created and however He created it, THAT was, is, and will be.....good?

The phenomenon of interest presently is: TOTAL human nudity.

Can we not say that the total nakedness of a newborn babe emerging from mommy's birth canal (i.e. vagina of the mother) is legitimate nudity (Job 1:21 and Ecclesiastes 5:15)? [Of course, preventing child pornography from being perpetrated, the mother of Jesus promptly wrapped Him in swaddling clothes after childbirth before laying Him in a manger].

Can we not say that the inital total nakedness of both Adam and [especially] Eve when God had just formed them while within the Garden of Eden was legimate nudity?

Is it legitimate nudity to be totally naked when bathing in a tub or showering in a shower....not only alone but [particularly] with one's own spouse in private with her or him?

Is it legitimate nudity to expose one's private parts alone or with one's spouse when sitting on the toilet to urinate and/or defecate?

Both newborn infants and pre-puberty children are neither fully developed physically nor sexually. For example, female human babies and toddler or slightly-older girls neither have developed breasts (but instead are non-erotically flat-chested) nor the erotically-arousing slender and shapely curves in hips and legs of post-puberty teen and older younger women. Naturally hairless (Ezekiel 16:7-8) pre-puberty children are not really genitally-oriented, although boys in particular are appreciative of bare female buttocks at an early age (I was one of them). They have no capacity for erection at that age, nor interest in it. Grownups who are tempted to abuse children by imposing against them what they neither understand nor appreciate should seriously keep that in mind.

Sitting on a toilet is generally a personal thing with all the non-erotic messiness and smelliness emanating from the underparts. Bathroom doors and lavatory stalls are usually secluded and understandably shut or locked during such intimate exposure for bowel movements and colon relief occurring with the pleasurably-relieving rectal and anal sensations of elimination (Mark 7:19).

However, the phenomenon of a nude man and/or particularly a totally-naked [younger] women has the potential of being and most often is quite stimulating in terms of sensual awakening and sexual desire. Whether or not that nudity is legitimate or illegitimate depends upon what circumstances and conditions it happens in and during.

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned and [by so doing] found out that they were "naked" - which apparently they had no idea of before sinning - the exposure of particularly post-puberty human nakedness (especially of younger women and men) results in both shame and erotic desire among the offspring of Adam and Eve as occurred with Adam and Eve themselves in view of their temporary aprons hastily constructed from fig leaves (Genesis 3:7).

One can speculate on whether or not there would have been erotic desire automatically occurring now and then within nude Adam and naked Eve caused by their being naked 100% of the time, along with any similarly all-naked progenie, relatives, friends, and general public. This webauthor, born into a sinful world and himself part of that wretched state himself, cannot imagine how complete beautiful-young-women nudity can be anything but sexually stimulating.

Not only were Adam and Eve ashamed of full-time public nakedness as evidenced by their self-woven scanty attire, but God also was obviously ashamed of it by the fact that He made for Adam and his wife "garments of skins, and clothed them" (Genesis 3:21).

We have already been instructed to prevent the naked from going unclothed and not desire to become publicly undressed ourselves, in accord with Job 22:6, 24:7 & 10, Isaiah 58:7, Ezekiel 18:7 & 16, Matthew 25:36, Luke 8:35, I Corinthians 12:23-24, II Corinthians 5:3-4, and Revelation 16:15.

Moreover, God has prohibited any opportunity for legitimate family nudism by proscriptions against such found in Genesis 9:22-23 (not viewing the nakedness of one's father)....(nor of mother, sister(s), daughter(s)-in-law, aunt(s), uncle(s), and sister(s)-in-law per Leviticus chapter 18). Clearly, dad/daughter and/or mother/son incest is prevented by such verses. Any woman who lies with an animal is to be stoned, as is the animal itself, according to the Mosaic Pentateuch (Bible).

Nakedness exposure during harlotry (involving masseuse or escort prostitution) is forbidden by the LORD according to Isaiah 3:17 (secret parts being bared), Isaiah 20:4 (buttocks being bared as being shameful), Isaiah 47:2-3 (legs being uncovered as shame exposed), Jeremiah 2:25 (feet being unshod because of lewd lust), Ezekiel 16:36, 23:10, Hosea 2:9, and Nahum 3:5.

Pertaining to TOTAL heterosexual nudity of spouses in private, God in His divine benevolence and mercy provided and provides the opportunity for husbands with their own wives and concubines to temporarily return (now and then) to their ancient garden paradise of complete nudity they were enraptured with in Eden.....for the sake of the best and most exciting in stimulating arousal leading to pleasurable, thrilling, thoroughly-satisfying orgasm, in easy and accessible coital intercourse - sometimes resulting in conception and pregnancy for propagation of humankind, in blessed fulfilment of the Creator's primordial command and prophecy: "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it."