Dems For Bush

To provide an overview of this webpage, let's propose that you had on a red/white/blue shirt, blue trousers with white stars, shiny black boots, and a white Texas cowboy hat. Standing next to you was a shaggy-bearded Ortho in all black wearing a skull cap. You both were armed with Uzis and other Weapons of Mass Destruction, and standing at the point where foreign-oil-export tankers enter and exit the Caspian Sea at the southernmost tip of sight of Saddam.

In the distance a turbanized sheik was coming toward you with three plastic quart bottles of Havoline/Mobil/Pennzoil/etc. (and one pathetically weak solar cell) because you shouted that you needed 3 quarts of oil according to the dipstick of your limo.

But as the sheik was approaching you and the Jew with the crucially-vital oil (and non-assembled wind-generator propeller), Saddam picked up his aboringine spear and mace-mist aerosol can and threatened to stab and gas the sheik unless the sheik stopped and high-tailed it back to where he came from.

What would you do to Saddam's jeep, if there were no U.N. cub scouts around and no one had radio communications? Would you try to plead, beg, or negotiated with bullyboy-hardhead Saddam?

Let's continue with our hypothetical scenarios.

Let's imagine Iraq formerly consisted mostly of a holy group of deeply-religious old-order Catholic nuns, exhibiting their habits, peacefully and voluntarily cloistered within their quiet monasteries saying sacred prayers plus humbly and faithfully teaching young girls to become modest devout kindly little nuns.

Suppose further that armed Coalition perverts and pervertesses stormed in, blasting the monastery with Weapons of Mass Destruction, forced the nuns to publicly strip to summertime bikinis, and brainwashed them under pseudo-'sovereign' duress to arrogantly compete against Protestant pastors in every church they could find.

Saddam 'ran a tight ship' in pre-9112001 Iraq against his political enemies: radical-muslim suicide-bomber-type terrorists. He was BRUTAL indeed against them....but there WAS law-and-order stability under his STRICT NO-MERCY-TO-TRAITORS dictatorship.

[There also was law-and-order stability for a while under Hitler's Nazi dictatorship before the antisemitic tyranny started, and German industry rebounded back under Adolf before WWII].

Hitler's nondiscrimination, however, went beyond simply and rightly incarcerating pink-triangled homogays in concentration camps, in that it was [wrongly] extended to Jesus-as-Messiah-rejecting jews who needed more time and incentive to get converted to Christianity and stop being the type of troublemakers New-Testament pharisees and asia jews were who persecuted both Christ and Paul].

Saddam's non-discrimination was to influence not merely Kuwait but stop OPEC-type foreign oil to ALL and EVERYONE in the United States, thus crippling American-ally Israel: to Billy Graham AND Hugh Hefner, Jerry Falwell AND Larry Flynt, Pat Robertson AND Barry Lynn, Paul Crouch AND Ted Turner, John Ashcroft AND Janet Reno, Sekulow AND Alan Dershowitz, Dick Cheney AND John Edwards, Helms/Hyde/Gingrich/Gutknecht/Aderholt AND Daschle/Bonier/Leahy/TFK/Boxer/Feinstein/Clinton/Sabo/Dayton/Frank/Schumer, Paul Harvey AND Rather/Jennings/Brokaw/MPR/PBS.

In other words, Saddam was WAY too OVERBROAD in grouping ALL in America as 'the Great Satan.'

Certainly, the ACLU, PAW, NOW, AUSCS, atheists, homogays, non-scientific evilutionists, abortionists, feminist-sexist, anti-10-Commandments-in-public demented, and Say-No-To-Bush demoncrats are INDEED part of 'the Great Satan' which Saddam in fact was alluding to....but NOT so the true-Christian churches plus Christian-oriented legal and political groups and individuals of the Christian Right.

What Saddam SHOULD have done was to specifically and precisely target and prevent Say-No-To-Bush subversives, mythical-evilution 'educators,' homogay-supporting/tolerating perverts, abortion-choice murderers and murderists, feminist-sexist-chauvenist twits, atheists, heretical media editorialists, and similar neighbors and business/office co-workers in our own communities from being able to get gasoline for their accursed vehicles within our neighborhoods and local service stations [while simultaneously allowing KJV/RSV/NASV/NKJV Christians to pump all the gas the wanted, at bargain prices]!

THAT was Saddam's main mistake, besides being overly-partial TO blasphemous allah/mohammed/qu'ran islam, while overly-partial AGAINST Christian-Bible missionaries and government officials in the Baathist regime.

Many of us babyboomers and seniors remember the TV series Gunsmoke and other old westerns like them in which the bad-guy gunslinger murdered someone in the saloon or wherever and eventually got into a position where he was on one end of main street facing sheriff Matt Dillon on the other end of main street. The bad guy (Saddam) was the first to draw his pistol in the lethal duel(begin to shut off OPEC oil exports to the U.S., Britain, and thus Israel - thus starting to imperil foreign-oil-dependent Coalition military, commercial, and civilian operations)....only to see George ['Matt Dillon'] Bush Jr. - in LEGITIMATE pre-emptive probable-cause restraint - draw out his pistol faster and accurately shoot first, consequently putting Saddam down into a hole.

That was - admittedly - a crude(!) comparison, but it was better than holding us all over a barrel(!) in the race(!) for international power and supremacy.

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