Dirty Faces

What is your dream? What would you really like to do to offensive people?

Are you content with merely turning the other cheek? Visually assaulted with pseudo-"legal" sexually-harassive immodesty, and thus persecuted for righteousness sake....but not being able to do anything about it in corrective retaliation?

The best answer, of course, is direct confrontational application of in-their-faces pertinent Scripture verses: specific "sexually-oriented" ones regarding exact-body-part modesty and immodesty. The Holy Spirit works through such to convince not only the wise and compliant, but rebellious and disobedient worldly. [The righteous-minded get even better, and the wicked-minded are shamed and suppressed as with a rod on the backs of fools].

But the answer(s) that frequency and actually occur are not only Scripture verses (like RSV's and NASV's Numbers 5:18, II Samuel 13:18, Song of Solomon 7:5, Isaiah 3:17, Isaiah 20:4, Isaiah 47:1-4, Jeremiah 2:25, and so forth), but also pornographic pictures whether in print or on screen. [More about that later on].

Such sword-of-the-Spirit modesty verses can either be shown on large protestor-sized printed placards placed right in front of the offenders as they walk along or sit, and/or little notices put underneath their vehicle's windshield wipers or slipped through their partially-opened car windows while their temporarily-nonoccupied vehicles are in parking lots or along the streets, etc. In such cases, their anonymous indecent exposure terroristically imposed with non-asked-for surprise-attack carelessness, indifference, or belligerance against everyone in sight ....is cautiously and carefully countered with anonymous corrective literature deposited when the offenders aren't looking and momentarily away.

Of concern here is that one unfortunately has to observe the immodesty of the offender to target that offender as immodest and deserving retribution, which by default pollutes and defiles the targeter.

Large-lettered on-screen Bible verses can be left on library computer screens for all to see and benefit by, whether with acclamation and declared or nondeclared satisfaction by some or all who happen to view it....or instead embarrassment and declared or nondeclared dissatisfaction. Obviously, not all offensive people in libraries will see that Scripture on a particular screen, and even if they do does not immediately negate and correct their immodesty and the covert or overt devastating effects of it.

During particularly warm summer months when over 80% of people are in some way(s) misdressed immodestly [but even in late spring when a growing group of people insanely and pervertedly begin to bare their arms with sleeveslessness, their legs with slackslessness, and sandaled feet with sockslessness after being indecently mopheaded through the winter months] there needs to be large-enough attention-getting Scripture and Biblically-congruent signs placed in the faces of the immodest.

For example, on the supermarket, grocery store, church, discount store, and shopping-center shop doors there must be placed big bold signs reading:


Now, the imposition (and that word is intentionally chosen) of porn pictures in the faces of immodest people is the other (albeit questionable) tactic used to embarrass hardened people who disregard, ignore, and both self-righteously and cultically misinterpret Scripture verses with a perverse plethoria of doctrines-of-demons heresy.

Use of the technique of shoving sharp-resolution/true-color porn pictures of completely-naked attractive young women into the faces of the summertime partially-immodest is problematic in a number of ways, however.

First of all, acquisition of such licentuousness by the shover doing the shoving of necessity involves capitulation and being somewhat overcome with lustful desires viewing the photos himself or herself, which of course not only detracts from appreciation of the spouse or future spouse, but is against Biblical directives to not become defiled nor polluted with porno idolatry nor engage in the immorality of in-one's-heart fornication nor adultery with or without rather-inevitable self-sodomizing masturbation. One, in that case, "shoots themself in the foot" by hypocritically promoting a worse dose of the very thing they want to eradicate. To start a controlled backburn fire to thwart an advancing forest fire can be useful, but harmful-to-vegetation destructive burning does occur in both cases.

Also, there is always the very real danger of simply creating a more severe fire, and inciting somewhat-immodest people to get even more immodest.

A current supply of diligently-selected porn must be retained in that case to present to the immodest, which frequently results in the porn victim's eventually-regretted "can't-hold-off-any-more" defiling-desire recourse to sensuously gaze at his or her own stored porn because of being satanically overcome with the accumulated sinful immodesty of the immodest who have erotically aroused and thus wounded the victim opposed to both the indecent and their full-sized, live-person, in-motion, on-the-loose pornography equivalence.

In this time of increasing polarization, when the good are getting refined for the better, and evil imposters are going from bad to worse, it is - in one sense - nice to see situations were lukewarm mediocrity gives way to either being totally modest, like more and more islamic-fundamentalist women appearing and being seen with their VERY-modest shawls and robes even during warm weather [though lamentably still exposing sandaled sockslessness).....or signing up for totally-naked fun-in-the-sun demented depravity at a family nudist resort or park.

One drawback in trying to shame immodest people with porn is hypocritically prudish legal authoritties. Many librarians - devoid of the Spirit - typically and hypocritically allow quite immodest girls and women into the public library (some with public-nuisance/disturbing-the-peace despicably-obnoxious shrieking kids)....but forbid computer-terminal surfers from embarrassing such immodest with nude-girlie internet porn. Hypocritical security guards, police, and court judges follow suit.

The ultimate and best answer is for EVERYONE - be they of the Lord or of the Devil - to read and obey those applicable modesty-specific Scripture verses for the wellbeing of all.