Mopheaded Chocolates
Dumbo Devil

Baby-Murderer Welfare-Destroyer Romney?

Keep The 'Change'

And Avoid Trayvonitis

WHO wants to replace IRS Form 1040 Low-Income Filing Exemption and The $4000+ Standard Deduction - thus in effect tyrannizing the already-impoverished poor to start paying income taxes and consequentially go belly up?

Is it not Willard "Mitt" Romney, who wants everyone to pay at least a 15% Income Tax?

WHO, by required Individual Mandate, and with Ted Kennedy's glad approval, forced the non-insured in Massachusetts to purchase commercially-sold health insurance which they did not need and did not use?

Romney - who hides his mansions/limos/investment fortunes with tax-evading foreign offshore private banks and diversionary equivalents.

WHO does not want the name of Newton Leroy Gingrich even mentioned anymore, and by judgmental prejudice omits suggesting that he still exists at all?

Is it not those RINOs who by bribery, extortion, and selective propaganda, promote tricky-windsniffing handsome-devil Mitt Romney . . . to maliciously-biased exclusion against Newt Gingrich?

WHO has mildly lamented the relatively-uncontested continuing campaign of Ron Paul - but strongly infer and insinuate that contributing to and supporting the 2012 presidential-candidate political campaign of Newt Gingrich is virtually insane and senseless, anti-GOP/pro-Obama, treasonous subversion?

Flippantly-arrogant and presumptuous, deluded and self-deceived, GOP-Dumbo RINOs.

WHO, during his previous televised campaign interviews for political office in Massachusetts, strongly and adamented openly declared and proclaimed the so-called "right" of a woman to have full and free access to commit abortion-homicide (i.e. deliberately murder non-born womb babies)?

It was not Leroy Newton Gingrich (nor even Rick Santorum and certainly not Rick Perry).

WHO - therefore - has supported the potential abortive mangling of the bodies of those pictured below . . . while hypocritically and blasphemously claiming to be a devout and faithful member of the pro-life-doctrine Mormon Church?

It was not Kenyan-born Barry Soetoro-Obama, nor Migraine Michele, nor Herman Cain (but being that no one is allowed to ever again mention the name of 2012 Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, the name of non-relentingly/non-compromisingly-anti-abortion Newt Gingrich will not now be suggested - nor will the name of Jesus Christ).


Any similarity between any person represented in photoshopped images posted above with any living or dead person in real life is unintentional and merely a coincidence.


Being pro-choice against committing abortion-homicide
Being heterosexually gay
Being scientifically creationist
Supporting private and personal erotic family albums
Espousing patriarchal gender authority
Defensively waging war against weaselword-satanspeak sexist feminists and their media patsies