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Letter from: United States Justice Foundation

Frustrated American Patriot:

Within 90 days, all 50 States will be required to provide uniform, biometric, federalized, drivers' licenses, containing personalized GPS tracking chips. This directive from the Obama Administration's Department of Homeland Security, will be implemented through the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration [NHTSA]. Your new drivers' license, when you receive it, will be a defacto National ID Card.

Do you remember those old black-and-white war-era and post-war era spy films, where German or Soviet police would ask the people: "Where are your papers?" THIS IS NO DIFFERENT. Welcome. You have arrived in 1984. Not the year. The book. Or, the movie. George Orwell's 1984. The biometric age of Big Brother.

The National Driver's License, which will be biometric, stems from The REAL I.D. Act of May 11, 2005. To listen to the post-2001 politicians (who will never let a "good crisis go to waste," REAL ID was implemented to make it harder for people who are not citizens to secure state-issued driver's licenses. The new law, which has been postponed three times because no lawmaker wants it to take effect during "their watch," takes effect on May 11, 2011. On that date, any state which has not yet complied will be required to produce a drivers' license that conforms to the new federal "standards." Those "standards" will convert your state-issued drivers' license into a real Nazi-style national identification card---with all the attributes of a World War II-era Internal Passport.

Each card will contain a GPS tracking chip. In case someone steals your card, "Big Brother Obama" will know, within 3 feet, where that card is at any moment. Not only does the government have 18 private pieces of information on you---they can literally TRACK YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE! George Orwell's book, 1984, is coming to life right before our very eyes!

If we don't do something RIGHT NOW, May 11, 2011, will be here before we even know it. Somehow, Congress is being quiet about all of this. Why? I know that Mr. Obama does not want you to know about your Identity Theft. But it is already happening!

Why is this National Drivers' License so important? Because you will need it to:

* Enter a federal building
* Buy an airplane ticket
* Pass through security at airports
* And, of course, you will need it to drive your car.
* In addition, you will need it to give to any police officer who asks for it for any reason---even if you are sitting on your front porch, enjoying the night air.

The controversial 2005 bill was designed to create national standards for driver's licenses, but it is doing far more than that. Janice Kephart, Director of National Security Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), reports: "Real ID is alive and well and it is being implemented," Some states have already complied well before the deadline. Personal data about you has already been taken and it has been stored in a government dossier about you.

THE CLOCK IS TICKING! May 11 is just around the corner. Will you help the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) take a stand---right now?

This National ID Card, or federalized driver's license, is an outright intrusion into our privacy rights. When a government has the ability to surreptitiously track us by GPS, then that government has too much power. But, even more, the creation of a biometric identity card is about CONTROL---Big Brother Obama's claimed "right" to control the human chattel of the world.

What privacy rights will be next to go? Maybe this new, universal, database will track your credit card purchases. Would you trust that personal information to Mr. Obama? CERTAINLY NOT! But that idea is not too far-fetched, considering all of the rights that he has tried to capture from you in the last over two years.

May 11, 2011 is the day when you can kiss your privacy "Good-bye." That's why you must act quickly to make sure that every Member of Congress TAKES QUICK AND SPECIFIC ACTION to stop this National I.D. Card.

Please DEMAND that every Member of Congress take action to insure that the federal government CEASE AND DESIST from this invasion of your privacy.

There are First Amendment rights that have already been violated by this federal law. And, there are Tenth Amendment rights that have been violated---driver's licenses come under STATE Law, NOT federal law!

In addition, REAL ID exceeds the limits established under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-4). This law cannot be legally implemented because the cost exceeds the limits that the federal government can impose on States. STOP THIS INTRUSION RIGHT NOW!

The National Drivers' License implementation will make it much easier for the federal government to track every American. This is an outright invasion of your privacy. You must tell this to every Member of Congress. We need to make sure that those in Congress understand that you object to government having more information than they absolutely need to know to tax you, or to send you a check. Anything else is not their business. We must do everything that we can to invalidate the May 11, 2011 deadline, when the Department of Homeland Security and the Commerce Department will begin to amass a database on every American, something that they were previously forbidden from legally doing.


Please CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of Congress to tell them to REPEAL, RESCIND, or BLOCK THE FUNDING to implement the National Drivers' License. This is so important that, if we lose this one, personal liberty in the United States will have been lost, perhaps permanently! And, please, give the best DONATION that you can to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF), as we fight against this government intrusion into every aspect of our daily lives. It will be an expensive fight. But what is at stake is our individual LIBERTY.

The "machine-readable technology," as required by REAL ID, would convert state-issued driver licenses and identification cards into TRACKING DEVICES, allowing government computers to pinpoint and record people's whereabouts anytime day or night. Under this law, all state drivers' license databases will be linked. The biometric chip in the National Drivers' License will allow any information stored in the cardholder's driver's license to be accessed by any government official in any State who swipes your driver's license in their card scanner.

Digital images of each identity document will be stored in each State Department of Motor Vehicles database. And, according to some opponents of REAL ID, this is only the beginning of the information and documentation that the state governments will be required to obtain and to put on the card! Real ID drivers' license will, very quickly, become de facto national ID cards, which is why people who don't drive will still need to carry one.

The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) will do everything within its power to STOP the full implementation of the National ID card, including filing litigation if necessary. That's why we need your financial support. As you know, USJF has been a defender of Constitutional rights since its founding in 1979. Every fiber of my being screams, "NO!" to REAL ID. You and I have certain freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The federal government's attempt to control your movements is not their inalienable right!

This National Driver's License/National ID Card is diametrically opposed to the Jeffersonian principles of individual liberty, free markets, and limited government.

May 11th is a heartbeat away. You need to respond today to every Member of Congress. Thank you, in advance, for helping to STOP THIS NATIONAL ID CARD!


Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation


In actuality, the Real ID Act was signed into law in 2005 by George W. Bush, so to be truthful, the headline should read "Bush's National ID Card", not Obama's. Anyway, there is good news!! Enactment of the Real ID Act has been delayed once again, until January 2013.


States facing a federal deadline in May to launch a controversial program to tighten security requirements for driver's licenses got another reprieve Friday when the Department of Homeland Security delayed for the third time enactment of the 2005 law by 21 months to January 2013.

Homeland Security officials said the deadline was extended because most states would not be able to meet all the federal requirements of the so-called Real ID Act by May 11, partly because of the economic downturn and uncertainty about congressional action on a proposal to modify the law.
The regulations laid out in the law -- a recommendation of the Sept. 11 commission
that investigated the 2001 terror attacks -- creates a national security standard for state-issued identification cards and driver's licenses to be used for federal purposes, like boarding a plane or entering federal buildings such as a courthouse.

The law aims to prevent terrorists from obtaining valid driver's licenses and ID cards. But the Bush administration delayed the program's original May 2008 compliance deadline amid claims that it was an unfunded federal mandate that would cause major disruptions in air travel and trample on Americans' privacy rights. The program is estimated to cost $11 billion over five years.

The Obama administration delayed a December 2009 deadline for compliance and tried to replace the law with a new program called Pass ID, which would have cost half as much, imposed fewer requirements and offered more federal grants. But the proposal died in the last session of Congress.

Twenty-four states are refusing to comply with the regulations, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Sixteen of them -- including Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Utah -- have passed laws prohibiting compliance with Real ID, most of them citing privacy and funding issues. The other eight, including Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois and Nevada, have passed resolutions opposing the law.

Homeland Security officials did not mention the open revolt by those states in its statement announcing the extension.

"Implementation of Real ID involves a significant financial investment, and, despite the receipt of substantial federal grant funds, a number of states are struggling to come up with the resources necessary to meet the full compliance deadline in these times of budget austerity," the department said. "Additionally, some states delayed investing in new technology and process changes because of uncertainty associated with congressional action on the Pass ID Act."
v "Now that Pass ID seems unlikely to be enacted, DHS anticipates states will refocus on achieving compliance with the Real ID requirement," the department added.

House Republicans lashed out at Homeland Security for granting another delay. They pointed to last week's arrest in Texas of Khalid Aldawsari for allegedly trying to use a weapon of mass destruction as reason why further delay risks national security. Aldawsari was allegedly seeking multiple drivers' licenses to avoid detection.

"The timing for such a delay is worse than ever," Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement. "The administration should not prolong Real ID implementation. By doing so, they disregard the law of the land. Delaying Real ID unnecessarily places Americans' lives at risk and threatens national security."

"In light of the Texas terror plot, it's inconceivable that the Obama administration would further delay the implementation of Real ID and not address this glaring vulnerability for another 21 months," Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said in a statement.

"We have a situation where we know we can take meaningful action to make the American people safer, yet for some reason, the president wants to delay action. I can't for the life of me understand why."

But the National Governors Association welcomed the extension.

"Protecting the security and integrity of drivers' license and state identification cards is a top priority of the nation's governors' however Real ID presents significant operational and fiscal challenges to states,' the group said in a statement. "Governors have long said that Real ID, in its current form, is unworkable. That has not changed."

"Extending the compliance deadline allows states and the federal government more time to find solutions that work," the group added. "Arbitrary deadlines that only keep people from boarding an airplane do not make the impossible possible."



In relation to the subject matter of the hotlink above....

Coercivity is the term used to designate how strong a magnetic field must be to affect data encoded on the stripe, and therefore, how immune the data is to damage.

Measured in Oersteds (Oe), the coercivity of a common credit card is about 300 Oe, considered low coercivity. Consequently magnetic money clips, refrigerator magnets, etc., play havoc with the data on your credit cardís stripe. High coercivity (HiCo) magnetic stripe technology relies on particles -- generally barium ferrite (low coercivity uses iron oxide) -- with coercivity values ranging from 2500 to 4000 Oe.

The encoding technique is the same as for LoCo technology, except that it requires a stronger electrical current in the write head. Virtually immune to domestic-type magnets, HiCo substantially decreases the chances of accidental data erasure. Despite this superiority, HiCo hasnít yet replaced LoCo technology, due to the widely established base of LoCo encoders and the increased cost of HiCo encoders. Standard magnetic stripe readers, however, can read either HiCo or LoCo stripes.

Consisting of magnetized particles impregnated on a thin band, the magstripe on the back of plastic payment cards is decades-old technology that makes credit, debit and gift card transactions possible. It is also widely used on employee access cards, public transit tokens, phone calling cards, even hotel card keys.

Using prepaid gift cards, like those issued by Visa and MasterCard, and a device for embedding data on a magstripe, called a "magstripe reader-writer," magstripes of authentic bank gift cards, the magstripes can illegally be altered for fraud.

Instead of having to make fake plastic, a thief can load up bank gift cards with stolen data you get from people online, then go in and use them like cash.

Magstripe scams, in particular, are difficult to orchestrate. Crooks have to defeat a security code on the magstripe as well as automated systems that watch for and alert the credit-issuing bank to suspicious transactions.

In one case, data hacked from retail giant TJX flowed into the hands of forgers, who embedded the stolen data onto the magstripes of expertly counterfeited credit cards.

Gift cards issued by Visa, MasterCard and American Express (AXP) have emerged as singularly attractive fraud targets because they are much more widely available and can be used more places than merchant gift cards, security experts say. And they work at millions of restaurants and shops, using exactly the same magstripe-driven payment system used for credit and debit card transactions. Like merchant gift cards, bank gift cards are flat, with no embossed numerals and no individual's name anywhere on the card. No proof of identity is required to use them.

It takes several thousands of dollars of equipment to create counterfeit credit cards from scratch. If someone concocts a generic Visa gift card, with an altered magstripe, with no name on it and no way to trace it, as long as the robber is confidence while making the purchase, no sales clerk in the world is going to become suspicious.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express have begun rolling out "contactless" payment cards that use a computer chip to speed transactions and is said to be significantly more difficult to compromise than a magstripe. But magstriped payment cards are expected to continue in wide use for decades.

An estimated 5.1 billion magstripe payment cards are in use worldwide, with 15 million magstripe point-of-sales terminals in the USA alone, according to market researcher The Nilson Report.

Consumers, on average, use them about 15 times a week. The infrastructure is so huge, it's impossible to change the security for all these cards overnight.

More Google information is available pertaining to embedded GPS driver license cards, where the GPS chips are located on the cards, alteration possibilities, and possession requirements or exemptions.