A Tentative Prototype Proposal


Substantial public opinion is growing, ever since demoncrats Obama, DePerle, Pelosi, Reid, etc. imposed what some term Obamacare but which yours truly instead calls Obamascare, to repeal that non-bipartisan-concocted law imposed without the voluntary consent of and input from an overwhelming majority of particularly-GOP Americans.

Recent interviews with Mitt Romney by Sean Hannity and Piers Morgan clearly indicate that Romneycare is not that much different than Obamascare - except that the Romneycare bill passed in Massachusetts was much shorter and much more limited in scope than the Obamascare (i.e. the so-called "Affordable Health Insurance") bill, and that Romney does not propose Obamascare-type Individual-Mandate required-health-insurance purchase for non-poverty-income persons nor forcing health-insurance companies to insure everyone with (no-fault) "pre-existing" conditions....although Romneycare does propose that each State have their own non-federally-regulated form of Romneycare, of which persons of non-poverty income levels will have to pay for their own medical care and thus for which the hospitals and clinics who treat those particular people will not be reimbursed with federal funds.

Romney's stated "repeal" advocated by the man during his interviews is not complete abolition of Obamascare already passed in law, but instead merely giving all 50 States "waivers" against either instituting or enforcing Obamascare.

The toe-fungus commentary of MSNBC's feminist-lesbian Rachel Maddow is of course irrelevant to the non-biased and sensible within civil society.

(abbreviated form of "Federal Care")
is a tentative-prototype-proposal comprehensive national healthcare plan,
the details of which are summarized below.


The Federal Government will fully compensate all federally-registered hospitals and clinics for across-the-board care given by such hospitals and clinics for any verifiable United State citizen having any federally-registered income at any level......provided that:

1. The injured or diseased person seeking treatment has not become sick or injured as a direct result of themselves:

Smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes
Becoming intoxicated with narcotics of any type
Being drunk with alcoholic beverages
Extensively drinking artificially-sweetened liquids
Voluntarily engaging in any obviously-abnormal crippling physical activity
Deliberately inhaling or ingesting any poison or substances in excess
Police-report-substantiated careless or reckless driving or movement
Committing aggressively-illegal assault or vandalism
Afflicted because of homosodomite [mis]-behavior
Exhibiting the consequences of public or private immodesty or indecency
Obvious attempted suicide

2. The injured or sick person seeking treatment in aforementioned hospital or clinic is NOT verifiably:

Sexist feminist
An anti-Israeli-settlements antisemite
Supportive of the choice for [committing] abortion-homicide under all or any circumstances
Adverse to verbal classroom recitation of any and all parts of the Sacred-66-books Holy Bible in public schools
A member of the Communist, Nazi, or Green Party
Environmentalist by promoting protection and survival of non-human lifeforms more than of humans
Discriminatory and hostile against genuine Biblically-orthodox Christian expression, especially in public

Not only permanent and complete across-the-board reimbursement for all hospital and clinic expenditures for qualified persons but also annual COLA-adjusted Social Security checks will be issued for the following individuals:

1. KJV-and-RSV-Bible-congruent decently-clothed children or grandchildren
who directly provide for living expenses of their aged-60-or-older Christian-denomination-associative parents
2. Aged-60-or-older fundamentalist-Christian husbands
who pay living expenses for their aged-60-or-older
authentic-Christian spouses and Christian-doctrines-practicing children
3. Aged-60-or-older widows engaged in benevolent church-member(s)-assistance philanthropy
4. Modestly-attired-in-public Scripturally-accomodating
wives of any age who bear and have borne children
5. Celibate Christian widows who have no relatives to assist them.

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of [ anti-Christian ] religion,
nor prohibiting the free exercise of [ Biblically-Christian ] religion.

Clearly, since no law pertaining to such religion is to be established nor prohibited,
the premise of a separation of denominational church/synagogue/mosque and State
is a moot and irrelevant premise.