Gaza War (2008-2009)

During the last part of the magnificent reign of king George W Bush (in which he, like God, let corporate-real-estate companies drive small-business lease renters out of business by raising lease costs only to get government tax breaks to realty companies by so doing; let greedy house buyers with inadequate incomes and thus doomed to foreclosures consign themselves to government-backed mortgages for high-priced houses; let pompous-ass tailgaters suck up America's fuel resources and cripple everyone with foreign-oil dependency for gas-guzzling SUVs; and let naiive special-interest investors gullibly lose their money to Wall-Street and other ponzi embezzler types, but during which he not gave the American people democrat/IRS-manipulated Economic Stimulus Checks, plus lower-gasoline-prices Economic Stimulus after that)......and after the election of President-Elect? Kenyan-or-Hawaiian-born? Obama and superior-male-gender Joe appears (according to initially-supportive-of-Israel news reports) that Israel had had enough of the antisemitically-launched random-assault rockets hitting them from the direction of Gaza, and took action.

All this took place after GOP feminists and their male patsies had wasted their time puffing loser women candidates, and while democrats in Minnesnowta were conniving transfer of votes away from Coleman to Franken, which Franken (in one of his smart-ass-reviler propaganda books) called Karl Rove: "human filth." Good people moan when cruds with their vile and vehement anti-Bush hatred and heads up their deviant and rebellious, hypocritically-warlike/activist "antiwar" rectums vote for a crud.

Now, I realize that I must be careful. I have heard about the jews in Israel who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah, and the consequential lack of political and governmental discretion along with their harsh insensitivity and prejudicial tyranny because of that.

I have also seen very-decently-dressed islamic fundamentalist women and their bearded men in muslim countries, who - (though like Christianity-plagiaristic well-behaved but atheistic russian communists) have some good points in terms of need-for-survival morality - are lamentably and nonreasonably: anti-Israel. They fail to understand and/or accomodatingly accept the specifics of what is stated in the New-Testament book of Romans chapters 9 thru 11 and Galatians chapter 2 (plus other pertinent-to-the-subject Scripture as mentioned in

The danger of unfairly taking sides and relying on treacherous media info I am aware of, and do not want to disregard:

Pr 26:17 He who meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a passing dog by the ears.

but instead:

1Th 4:11 aspire to live quietly, to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we charged you....

Having said that, I might as well give my point of view, being that Anderson Cooper, Charlie Rose, and others of their immentality apparently desire to dwell on the injuries of antisemites inflicted with well-deserved injuries inside Gaza in their strange obsession to publicize pernicious who seek to divest Israel of their God-given terrority.

Clearly, Israel is doing to the well-armed antisemites infesting Gaza what King George the Second (bypassing antisemitic U.N. disapproval and other-countries-apportioned blue-helmeted law-enforcement) did with his voluntary international Coalition against SCUD-missiles-launching/Tel-Aviv-and-Haifa-hitting Saddam and the Baathists in Iraq . Israel is now in the process of doing essentially the same counteraction against spiteful arabs (at the time of this writing) before who-knows-what-he-will-do Barack and Hillary get into power as President and Secretary of State.....and before the economic structure of non-all-electric-cars, food-and-housing-prices-too-high, summertime-immodesty america collapses with terminal-cancer-type deterioration.

It would behoove the Israeli army and Israeli government to not merely pinpoint and take out designated trouble-makers and trouble-causers within Gaza, but then take over Gaza with a new Israeli-backed government and agencies thereof (like the United States is doing in Iraq, and should also do in Afghanistan and even Pakistan). The agencies alluded to would be quite similar to our Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (i.e. ATF) which obviously would significantly disarm and militarily-suppress/restrict dissident terrorists in Gaza. Remember that since 9112001, Bush and His Agencies have helped prevent another Trade-Towers-type demolition and genocide. Of course, we must thank God and His holy Christian saints nationwide for that, and rightfully give them most of the thanks to the ACLU, AUSCS, PAW, NOW, PP, Pelosi/Reid et al, etc. promoting "rights" for abortionists, sexist-feminist, homoperverts, atheists, evolutionists, religious-cultics, immodestly promiscuous, and so forth.

The cries by the antisemitically satanic for Israel to cease and desist building settlements in their own Gaza-Strip territory are despicable and absurd.

One more thing.

The Israeli government (when they take over complete control of Gaza with the equivalent of American local police, sheriffs, federal marshalls, state troopers, National Guard, Marines, and more) should discriminate who - of any age and gender occupying Gaza- is for Israel contrasted with who - of any age and gender occupying Gaza - is against Israel. Those supportive of Israel and the Israeli Government in charge of Gaza should be allowed to reside their with appropriate stimulus assistance. Those NOT supportive of Israel and the Israeli Government should be deported out of the country and left on their own.