Intelligent Design?

Some things almost "go without saying."

But yet need to be said - clearly and nonambiguously.

In the New-Testament book of Romans in The HOLY BIBLE (simply the best and most reliable textbook of both "science" and "religion"), the Divinely-inspired author stated that "what can be known about [God] is evident to them, because [God] has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world, [His] eternal power and deity have been clearly perceived in the things that have been made, so they are without excuse."

In other words, it obviously does not take a rocket scientist, or even a dull person with the comprehension of at least an idiot, imbecile, or understand that:

1. Everything around them of nature is "intelligently designed" and
2. Everything around them thus intelligently designed must have [logically] been designed by an Intelligent Designer.

Those who do not agree with the two premises above are - by default - rebellious and defiant, arrogant and belligerant, delusional and lying, stupid FOOLS. Period. Such people are dangerous, and deserve to be confined in an insane asylum or worse, sooner or later!

If you and I take time to think about the awesome extremely-imaginative, overwhelmingly-intricate, stunningly-consistent, and thankfully-benevolent properties of natural phenomena around us which The Intelligent Designer designed (who, incidently, can and should be thought of and called - both religiously and scientifically: "God, The Creator"), we both can agree that the words "Intelligent Designer" need to be capitalized.

There are many types of empirical scientific study, involving differing phenomena in existence, as to what (as the Apostle John put it) "we have seen with our eyes and felt with our hands." Put another way, there are many ....ologies of a scientific nature. For example, there is biology (the scientific study of life), microbiology (the scientific study of tiny life), geology (the scientific study of Earth), anthropology (the scientific study of humankind...and 'kind' is THE word), and theology (the scientific study of God).

The last one mentioned above is especially important, because it involves the scientific study of various religions.

There are many religions pertaining to what humans worship and how they worship. Some worship their doctrines, dogma, liturgy, rhetoric, practices, and customs of witchcraft, homosexuality, feminist sexism, atheism, agnosticism, abortion, evolution, immodesty and pornography, or whatever and whoever. Others worship Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, Moon, Elvis, or Jesus Christ.

Many of each group gather in groups some call "churches, "covens," "coalitions," "civil liberty unions," "federations," "americans united," "people for....," and so forth.

The phrase "separation of church and state," (and instead of "church" put in any of the other religious or irreligiously-religious words stated in the previous paragraph), can be interpreted to indicate segregated quarantine for or against both, but there is also the factor of distinguishing both "church" and "state" - which thus necessitates an additional buzzword-phrase rewording of "differentiation of church and state."

The founding-father originator of the phrase "separation of church and state" (which incidently is in no official U.S.-government document but rather personal communication to a private party in a private letter) likely meant that there should be not only differentiation of church and state but also segregated quarantine of both church and state so that a particular denomination of whatever religious beliefs, practices, customs, worship style, etc. is not imposed as law against those citizens who do not want to express nor participate in that particular religion (be that Biblically-congruent or anti-Scriptural instead). In other words, there should be no forced state religion on everyone of whatever sectarian denominalizationism.

As Roman and Herodian soldiers and taxes were involved with Jesus Christ, Saint Paul, Judas Iscariot, and modern day police, sheriffs, marshals and taxes are involved with both Christians and non-Christians. Even though we segregate and differentiate regarding "Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God," it is a fact that the LORD ultimately owns Caesar and thus even Caesar belongs to Him.

Pertaining to both separation and differentiation of "state" and "church" (with the understanding that the word "church" involves the concept of "religion" and that what one entity (be that church or state) does will inevitably affect and become involved with the other to varying extents in various ways)......two clauses of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution were created and are in effect at the present time.

"Congress shall make no law establishing religion.....nor prohibiting the free exercise of religion." For a genuine Christian in legislative or judicial governmental authority at whatever levels, and which authentic Christian bases his lifeview on the Sacred-66-books Old-and-New-Testaments HOLY BIBLE (in the best of the KJV, RSV, and other translated versions), those First-Amendment clauses are interpreted to mean that:

the civil State (government at whatever levels in whatever forms) must not establish anti-Biblical religions (such as atheism, agnosticism, evolutionism, feminist sexism, abortionism, pornographyism, etc.) nor anti-Scriptural cultic religions (such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Islam, Satanism, anti-New-Testament Judaism, and others)....while simultaneously not prohibiting the free exercise of of bonafide Biblical Christian religion with associated Scriptural doctrines, dogmas, beliefs, practices, and customs....and of course neither restricting those Christians and groups of Christians who are part of such.

Wise discernment is required for Christians in governmental State authority in every area of religion, churches, and the like.

For example, while not prohibiting the Biblically-accomodating wearing of shawls and long-sleeved full-length robes by Muslim women, Christian officials would not establish general-public prayer to the Virgin Mary nor to the concocted false-divinity which (not "who") cultic Moslems call "allah." While not prohibiting certain correctly-translated verses of The New International Version Bible, not established would be the general-public reading of incorrectly-translated verses of the NIV nor general-public reading of the books of the Apocrypha. A public declaration and free expression of the existence of Paradise, Hades, and Sheol would NOT be prohibited.....while the myth of purgatory would not be established against general citizens of America.

The anti-Genesis and NON-scientific myth of millions-of-years evolution religion would NOT be established, whereas the Biblical-origins record (and not "theory") of young-Earth creationism would NOT be prohibited.....nor the free but properly-allocated and structured mention and discussion of Intelligent Design in even public-school scientific curriculum and classrooms.