Iran for WHO?

I happened to see the front cover of a recent copy of Newsweek magazine which pictured a full-page-size photo of A-mini-jihad (a.k.a. the newly-reelected President of Iran)....scowling. He facially looked like he had encountered something rancid, stinking, or rotten, and certainly did NOT like it!

Hopefully, the object of his intense disdain was the thought of the imposition of so-called "christian" american women flaunting their summertime partial nakedness with non-restrained, non-censored, and non-prohibited LOOSE-long-haired mopheadedness, sleeveslessness, bare-legged slackslessness, and toes-exposed flip-flops-footed soxlessness.

I would heartily concur with him quite readily and cooperatively, yet I patriotically love the America our Founding Fathers incepted and which their Christian pioneer progency built, without me being misconstrued as anti-American traitor in any way.

Within that issue of Newsweek, I saw a lineup of ALL men (i.e. all males) in charge of the main offices and departments of the Iranian Government, and noticed - in stark contrast to the sexist plethoria of Pelosi, Sebelius, Feinstein, Napolitano, Sotomayer, Boxer, Hillary Clinton and probably similarly-misminded feminist-activist twits and arrogantly-pretend-to-compete-against-men female-newscaster bimbos infesting America - that they were exclusively not only males....but even better: bearded and (get this!): religious males!

Admittedly, Barack and Rahm do their best, but even the clean-shaven, strict and disciplined, black-shirted and black-booted elite Gestapo of the Nazis weren't as high-powered as the Iranian cabinet lineup, nor the no-treasonous-treachery-permitted run-a-tight-ship atheistic leaders of the Soviet communist Kremlin and KGB (who did not give Intelligent Design the acknowledgement He deserves).

It is clear why such mullahs and ayatollah cleric-types of Iranian government are a powerful force indeed for the decadent, feminist-in-charge, retaliatory homogay effeminate, by-abortion-homicide murdering, and pornographically-misdressed western world to contend with!

Cheers for the understandable repression against decadent-west-influenced protesters in Iran during the recent election. It should be pointed out that any election cannot be rigged without at least ambient (though perhaps significantly silent) support of most of the people within who particpate in an election. Strict Iranian religious kings do not stay in power for long without a majority of Iranian populace who are in basic agreement with them - no matter what the divisive and sinister western media misreport to the contrary in their deceptive and narrow targeting on localized and temporary protest groups for misleading publicity.

There are many examples of such deceptive and dishonest journalism, going all the way back to God's created and placed Lying Serpent in the Garden being overbroad in his weaselworded question of: "Did God say that you cannot eat of ANY tree in the Garden," with: "You will not die" [right away and all at once?] if you eat of the fruit of God's created and placed Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I personally have nothing but guarded admiration for fundamentalist muslim women in America who are very modestly and consistently dressed in shawls and long robes amidst the lasviciously-misclad pseudo-"christian" doctrines-of-demons-spewing male and female perverts and pervertesses around them sitting, walking, running, biking, and driving nearby. If they ever tried a coup, I might have to abstain and remain neutral in view of all that, instead of taking sides between "the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."

Having said that, I have a proverbial "bone to pick" against fundamentalist Iranians and other muslims, and it has two prongs.

First of all, their malicious and vile, non-reasonable and non-sensical hatred against Israel and Israelis is absolutely racist, illegally discriminatory, disgusting, heretical, intolerable, and anti-Scriptural. Even if certain jews (and for the time being, Jews destined to become authentic Christians sooner or later) who don't ask for help from Christians, say that they do not want help from Christians, and don't give Christians credit for the help that bonafide Christians do give jews, actual Christians are determined to accomodate to all Divine resources necessary to be in a superior power position insuring the survival of sometimes depressed and perhaps even momentarily-suicidal jews. And, of course, common-sense Jews themselves want to continue the existence of themselves, their nation, country, sovereignty, and lives without being "wiped off the map" (to quote A-mini-jihad).

Second of all, the reference of fundamentalist muslims and islamic to the imaginary and ridiculous pseudo-deity "allah" and the satanic-verses of their koranic replacement bible (the Qu'ran) is despicable and deplorable. Certainly, the Judeo-Christian Sacred-66-books Holy Bible consisting of the ben Asher Masoretic Hebrew Old-Testament Text (typically referred to as Biblia Hebraica and edited by Rudolf Kittel) and the Scrivener-Trinitarian Greek New-Testament Text contains all that is necessary for promoting and maintaining the type of laudible and honorable modesty which shawled and robed Iranian-type women thankfully exhibit year-round and consistently amidst the lurid showoffs of pornographic indecency around them.

Significant it is that such modesty is not uncommon for previous-generation peasant women belonging to the Russian Orthodox (Christian) Church, nor the Amish and pioneer Puritans of early America, nor (Christian) Catholic old-order nuns dressed in their habits.

The Devil's network news media and false-church media have scurrilously made despised boogeymen out of the bearded religious leaders of Iran, especially now that Saddam (the foreign-oil-imports disrupter) is gone, and demonic rife-and-reeking ridicule is rampantly blattered out by condemnatory and judgmental a-holes of alleged women's "inequality" and "abuse" lamenting the purported absence of "women's rites."

A sign I have in the back window of my car, which I sometimes courageously sport as I drive amongst the seasonably-misdressed partially-naked perverts and pervertesses in my neck of the American woods around me, reads:

Are you mopheaded, sleevesless, slacksless, soxless? Go to Hell.
Are you ponytailed, wear sleeves, slacks, and socks? Go to Heaven.

A brave - but dangerous - bumper-sticker-type endeavor, we all will agree?

Now, when will those shawled and robed muslim women occasionally walking by me in my immediate neighborhood take the following Bible verses seriously so that they will at least look at and smile at me in polite friendliness:

Revelation 14:12 Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

Revelation 17:14 they will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful."