Mate Selection Manager

under the auspices of

The Christian Church of St Nathaniel



[ Sleevesless and Slacksless ]

[ Heterosexual ]


Exchange Massage!

( This is no Prank! Nor is it a solicitation for paid or non-paid fornication, adultery, or prostitution! )

[ Because of the prevalence and instant availability of R-to-XXX porn pix and vids on even filtered internet, within the past several years, the relentless and repeated habitual worsening immodesty of particularly porno-indecent mopheaded/sleevesless/slacksless/socksless teen-and-other females during warmer weather and for mixed-gender-viewed sports, college-aged girls [openly] asking random guys to have sex with them, even forthrightly soliciting them for fellatio (as can readily be seen - without restrictive censorship - on more and more YouTube videos . . . if one desires to explore such now typing certain keywords or phrases into the search box), and the relatively recent aberrant phenomenon of so-called same-"sex" "marriages" (i.e. same-gender homosodomy-unions licensing), this webpage is likely to have increasing value to a greater and greater number of sexually-confused-and-desperate young adults seeking normal, healthy, and honorable sexual gratification and fulfillment in this time of prompt-acquisition fast-food-everything conveniently and rapidly interlinked with a growing network of high-speed internet smartphones ].

Some Restrictions Apply:

1. The webpage can be accessed on the internet by a single or already-married consenting-adult man age 20-85 (and by a monogamy-intended never-before-married consenting-adult woman age 20-45, and please delve into of whatever race, citizenship, nationality, culture, disability or handicap, religion, physical dimensions and characteristics, educational training, vocation, intelligence, assets or income or real estate resources, eye and hair color, police record, and lawfully-legal lifestyle.

2. The accessed webpage can be printed off the computer, completely filled out, and bravely, courageously, aggressively, but politely presented (whether when seated in a church pew, fast food restaurant, or within a vehicle parked in some shopping-center parking lot) to an attractive, apparently-available, selected opposite-gender person of interest, which person can then (within only a week) analyze the BibQuiz and filled-in answers thereon, then choose to (within only one week) access his or her own copy of the above-mentioned BibQuiz, completely fill it out, and (within that week) present a copy of that filled-out BibQuiz of theirs to their potential opposite-gender friend who conveyed a copy of their filled-out BibQuiz to them in the first place.

3. Upon the man receiving the woman's filled-out BibQuiz, or the woman receiving the man's filled-out Bibquiz, the man or the woman can then analyze their friend's answers on the BibQuiz, and (within only a week) access the webpage and then completely fill it out that DateExam and (within that week) present a copy of it to their potential common-law spouse for analysis. If, after the potential spouse analyzes the answers, the potential spouse can (within only one week) obtain a printed copy of the DateExam for themselves, completely fill it out, and convey a copy of that (within the week) to their opposite-gender potential spouse, for their analysis.

4. Upon the potential husband receiving his potential concubine's filled-out DateExam, or the potential concubine receiving her potential husband's filled-out DateExam, either one can (after only one week of analysis) access the webpage on the internet, and (within that week) present it to their potential spouse for mutual signing. If, after only one week of analysis, the potential spouse can choose to access and print out a MateCert themself and (within that week) present it to their potential spouse for mutual signing.

Once both MateCerts are mutually signed, and without the man dropping to his knees in front of his new spouse, the equivalent of a gold or silver purity ring should be placed by the husband on the fourth finger of his concubine's left hand as a matrimonial reminder token for the busy-to-become possibly-multiple-spouses-loving-and-providing-for husband and his occasionally-or-permanently-cohabitational advisably-part-time-temp-employed concubine.

Private or public wedding ceremonies (with or without relatives present) are not necessary if both agree, but are possible during the MateCert signing or thereafter (whether or not they claim to have eloped . . . with or without first obtaining permission to marry from the woman's father), and without initiating entanglements related to application for a State Marriage License to avoid complicating taxation and inheritance and child-support issues, though currently competing against and grossly polluted by queer perverts conspiring to defiantly and belligerently commit sinful, anti-Biblical, non-Scriptural same-gender homosodomy unions with newly-procured government-supplied benefits).

When alone together by themselves, the newly-married couple is free to commence sexual connections of all appropriate or convenient types (inferences of which can be found in such Scriptural passages as kissing-implied Proverbs 7:13 and Song of Solomon 1:2, total-nudity-context Genesis 2:25, Ezekiel 16:37, Ezekiel 23:21, Hosea 2:2-3, breasts-utilizing Proverbs 5:19 [not RSV], Isaiah 66:11, Song of Solomon 7:1-13 [RSV/NASV], cunnilingus/fellatio-suggestive Deuteronomy 25:11-12, Song of Solomon 2:3 and 5:1-3, spread-legs-accommodating Ezekiel 16:25 [not RSV], plus genital-insertions-implied Genesis 30:4 and 38:2-18 and Judges 16:1 and Ruth 4:13) . . . and can initially and discreetly take place within a secluded outdoor biffy, a unisex lavatory, a shopping-center family room, a vehicle, a study or motel room or other enclosure (preferably with lavatory facilities - including handsoap, washclothes, and bathtowels, in view of Leviticus 15:18, which states: "If a man lies with a woman and has an emission of semen, both of them shall bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the evening").