Porn Money

The Non-Acceptability of Commercializing Porn Websites

When Matthew chapter one states that Joseph was an honorable man, thus not putting his virgin Mary to shame publicly for her being premaritally pregnant, it should NOT be PRESUMED that Joseph was not willing to publicly expose (and perhaps even participate in - having Roman law approval? - stoning to death) impenitent immoral harlots diagnosed with nonaborted children.

Even more than in the case of Judah with Tamar (recorded in Genesis 38) in which semi-righteous Judah initially ordered his newly-pregnant, semi-righteous, daughter-in-law Tamar to be burned...until he discovered that he himself had been her impregnator....Joseph realized that pure and holy Mary was NOT the type to fool around sexually.

The driving forces of both men mentioned above was EROTIC DESIRE and a GOOD SENSE OF SACRED JUSTICE. As with Samson getting intimate with Philistine women to seek an occasion against the LORD's Philistine enemies - and polygamous David taking Nabal's benevolent widow Abigail amongst his other wives, certain porn webmasters [displaying a certain type of porn] may be in part motivated by both sensuality and righteousness....righteousness as an expression of and retaliation against PERVERT women and men who see nothing wrong with women MIS-attired publicly in semi-immodest mopheadedness, bare-armed sleevelessness, shorts or shortened-skirts-bared legs, toes exposed with sockless sandals, PUBLIC shopping centers, stores, shops, government offices, post offices, churches, football fields and basketball stadiums, for the Olympics, tourist attractions, parks, beaches, etc.

WHY the straddling of fences among the LUKEWARM....who PRESUME that they are "normal" and "legally justified?" Why not EITHER be COMPLETELY and CONSISTENTLY dressed MODESTLY (First Timothy 2:8-15) during warm summer days in GENERAL public view, like old-time pilgrim-pioneer puritans....or INSTEAD go TOTALLY naked as if everyone was obligated by God knows what or who to conform to the satanic seasonal style and fashion of parading themselves around as in one big nudist colony, park, or camp?

"Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth" declares Jesus in Revelation. "You CANNOT serve two [contradictory-to-each-other] masters." To be half-modest is [in one sense] as EVIL as being half-immodest. Whether the glass is optimistically half full or pessimistically half empty, the drinker will not get a FULL glass - either way no matter how described or misdescribed.

So SOME pornsites [intentionally CONTROLLING and LIMITING the SELECTIVE type of porn] are a [in one sense] righteous retaliation against the defiling immodest of the world (and especially church) for the edification of the moral minority -- a hearty, wholesome, messy, dirty, and not-so-sick exposee of and against "compromising" women and the suckup male wolf-whistling "it-doesn't-bother-me" patsies agreeing with and protecting the bizarre but acceptable format of Isaiah 3 and 20 and 47, Ezekiel 16 and 23, plus Jeremiah 2 and Hosea 1-2.

The PSEUDO-"legal" NON-lawful exhibitionists who flaunt their semi-nude foolishness [sexually harassing men who neither ask for nor want such vile immodest filth and indecent depravity imposed against them and shoved in their non-soliciting faces] have and continue to [ignorantly and carelessly, or with pompous-ass, feminist-twit, egocentric arrogance] terroristically assault their victims...many times ANONYMOUSLY and for FREE.

Therein lies the problem of charging money in the commercialization of porn in whatever media - as with lurid host of those who have done and yet do commercialize such.

To make a financially profitable business out of licentuously passing on to others the lascivious lewdity of misdressed or nondressed women who have needlesssly, greedily, and senselessly exposed themselves as porn models causes the commercial pornographer to lose the understandable motive of righteously retaliating with the intention of finally eradicating BOTH LIVE, FULL-sized person plus ALL OTHER types of porn and semi-porn display....and instead establishes a porn-perpetuating means of occupational amd financial sustinence to pay recurring bills with, along with short-circuiting the healthy and respectable drive to get married to have truly-satisfying heterosexual fulfilment.

Over many many months - even years - and ESPECIALLY at the present time, it is a serious waste of time for pornsurfers to search for [legally]-copyable "quality" porn on the internet (with "quality" porn being enlargeable-thumbnail true-color photos of birthday-suit -naked attractive-enough young women with feet and especially soles of bare feet in view.)

Porn-website URL listings brought up after typing in porn-oriented keywords into the search boxes of Google, Yahoo, Lycos and much more consist either of mostly mosaic-homepage conglomerations of not-worth-copying homepage pics leading only to credit-card-pay-request webpages....or merely hotlink to other not-worth-copying mosaic-.html porn webpages.

With persistence, increasingly-frustrated pornsurfers relentlessly searching for free 'quality' porn pix will eventually (through popups) get a plethoria of more pop-ups -- a VERY meager number of which will lead to "promising" category-listing webpages of galleries of enlargeable-thumbnail photos of sometimes-attractive individual gals.

Alas, clicking on 50%-80% of those are, again, merely hotlinks to OTHER porn websites, many of which consist of [disgusting and non-erotic lesbianism, bestiality, bondage spanking or dungeon torture, multiple-men-on-one-woman threesomes, and other obnoxious impositions.

The remaining 20%-50% do contain links to thumbnail-enlargeable color photos of generally-attractive individual gals.

BUT only about 20% of those bring up 100% completely-barefoot/naked women!

And only about 10% of THOSE do not have copyright-equivalent trademark or pornwebsite-referral markings somewhere on the photos themselves!

Added to THAT is the EXASPERATION of the occasional encounter with clicking into a website which will not go away but instead locks itself into the browser to keep re-appearing no matter what one does to try to get rid of it (though sometime pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delect simultaneously helps overcome that). Sometimes what one clicks into is a flurry of endlessly-repeating webpage-obscuring pop-ups that also won't go away,

screen freezers causing webpage lockups out of which it is impossible to extricate onesself and move into something else,

larger-than-monitor-screen-sized pop-ups (eclipsing upper-right-hand x's and upper toolbar options, so one cannot click out of them:.....

all of which finally necessitate shutting down the computer and re-starting it -- taking up that much more wasted time!

Thank God we are not OLD-FASHIONED now in the 21st century.

Somehow, the thought of experiencing and doing things without our modern conveniences simply does not turn me on.

I do not wish to return to pissy-and-poopy horse-and-buggy days without car heaters in winters and air-conditioners in summer, which rickety carriages traveled over bumpy washboard or sticky-mud-gullied paths. Nor relish the scenario of having to wake up in a cabin to freezing temperature, trudge through bitter cold and deep snow to get to a frigid outhouse potty, bring in a few frozen logs to throw in a dying-embers fireplace to melt the ice in the standing-water waterpot to swish the pissy-and-poopy portapot and throw it out God knows where.

In thankfully stark contrast, I like electrically-driven light bulbs and heaters, electrically-controlled solenoid thermostats, toasters, ovens, and microwaves. I like running hot and cold water plus flushable toilets, plus plastics and transistors and computers and satellites, and easy-start cars traveling on smooth asphalt and cement roads with dependable traffic lights.

Oh, for the GOOD OLD DAYS when girls and women were dressed modestly in chignons and long-sleeved full-length dresses and boots! Those were the days, my friend! No walking or running or biking live in-person pornography to lewdly and lasciviously terrorize the eyesight!

The Bible was the Textbook in public schools by which the inferior-gender weaker sex got divine insight on how to genuinely attract a man for marriage and family production....and how to not be a public nuisance so as to not drive him away as enemy conpetitor and combatant and not impose themselves as sexually-harassive and socially-destructive anti-safety distractions and hazards along streets, roadsides, and highways of the innocent.

So nowadays, we consequentially live in immodesty-caused indecency-based nervous stress and irritation with general lovelessness, impatience, rudeness, and hostility towards all....indifferently suspicious against the peripheral sight of those particularly-summertime IMMODEST and PARTIALLY-immodest harlot-lookalikes who cause and are primarily to blame for being the problem, but even (unfortunately) against those properly-dressed victims momentarily associating with the indecent pervertesses by happenstance temporary presence around them in churches, shopping centers, grocery stores, business offices, parks, and more.

The logical and expected recourse is: porn search and acquisition retaliation on the part of wrongly-aroused males, against which carrot-on-a-stick-tantalized males prudishly self-righteous immodest perpetratoresses disdain and judgmentally condemn and attempt to prohibit and punish with hypocritical accusations like:

"So what if I immodestly burn their erotic houses down with my terroristic naked arms imposed in their faces? So what if I suddenly smash their expensive sensuous cars with my nude legs? So what if, without warning, I visually attack their penises and prostates so they get rigid and ejaculate messy goo because of my loose long hair or bare-toes-exposed feet? Satan's society expects me to do that during warm days, and I'll be ridiculed and shamed by them if I don't. It's not THAT big of a deal! Don't sweat the small stuff! If certain prudish guys don't like it (contrary to what the Devil and his cohorts suggest pertaining to most other guys presumably liking it), they can turn away and immediately get another house or car or genitalia without calling the police to fill out a police report and calling their insurance companies. I'M not bothering them by devastating their sexual purity, wholesomeness, and health!"

"Besides, I thought that most "normal" guys find it pleasurable for me to violate the repeated Song of Solomon admonition to "not stir up nor awaken love before it please" by me anonymously or non-anonymously attacking them with my non-solicited public indecency (which anonymity or non-anonymity they cannot legally do anything about anyway) as I am either deliberately or carelessly/stupidly/ignorantly misdressed with mopheadedness, sleeveslessness, slackslessness, and/or sockslessness....forced into their potential or active view.

Therefore I simply cannot understand why they can't take it like men instead of carnally letting the small stuff bother them with their gutterminds so they then covertly sneak off to some free-use library computer, anonymously type in keywords of young virgins, young girls, naturist teens, nymphets, sucking girls, fucking girls, lolitas, blondes, brunettes, hairy girls, hairy teens, nude yoga, etc. into search-engine search boxes, then click into free-access galleries of such, searching for sharp-resolution/true-color, enlargeable-thumbnail, non-marked, savable-to-disk photos of facially-attractive and slender-figure young women COMPLETELY naked (with soles of bare feet visible) in various positions [without being hotlinked and frustratingly diverted into further and further hotlinks of time-wasting hotlinks oblivion]."