My Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,

First of all, being that You are the Creator and Ultimate Owner of The Earth You created, I want to gratefully acknowledge Your sovereignty and rulership over all assumed and presumed authorities on our planet (such as Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Leahy, Aminijihad, Diane Feinstein, Durbin, TFK, Schumer, Reid, Levin, Ms. Boxer, Sonya Sotomayer, Janet Napolitano, Osama bin Laden, the demented-wordsmith news reporters and writers at Associated Press, the Star Tribune, nefarious attorneys of the ACLU and AUSCS and PAW and PLC and PP and NOW plus other pro-feminist-sexist pro-homogay-perversion pro-evolutionist-mythology pro-godless-atheist and pro-immodest-public-attire/public-porno-art demoncrat and republicrat conspirators, among their cultic religious and irreligious cohorts).

Those of us who truly love You, adore You, worship You, do try our best to consistently obey You (though we are frequently beset and misinfluenced by tyrannous wicked ones and the duress of their obnoxious and rebellious heresies, lies, deceptiveness, and immoral pollutions relentlessly forced upon and around us).

We genuine Christians realize that we are not going to reform and revive back to righteous orthodoxy most of those now living within our city, county, state and federal neighborhood. As You said, many are on the broad and easy road to destruction, but few on the narrow and hard road to life. That "many" means an overwhelming deviant majority, and so we see the effects of the myriad bad fruits damaging the vine of social wellbeing and wellness. However, we can be a kind of crippled-capacities restraining influence and somewhat of a handicapped rod against and to the back of fools.

But, we have a half-negroid president who at most every turn promotes those who tolerate abortion homicide, along with secular and pseudo-sacred news media and so-called prolife groups and the individuals therein who misstate that "doctors" "perform" the "reproductive" "right" of "birth"-control abortion "choice" removing "fetuses" in "clinics" for the "health" of the "equality"-gender woman.....instead of correctly stating that abortionists commit the extinctive wrong of homicidal abortion murder against (Luke 1:41/Luke 2:16) babes in abortuaries, mangling GOD-owned bodies of inferior-gender weaker sex (see First Corinthians 6-7, First Timothy 2:8-15, KJV's First Timothy 5:14, plus First Peter 3:7).

We deplore the hateful persecutions against harassed quasi-martyrs who have been public executioners against public mass murderers murdering babes in the womb, and the mistreatment in words and actions against such Phineas-like vigilantes. We hope that You will see to it that such despicable persecuting aberrations are prosecuted to the fullest possible extent of the law, while wishing Your help of all types for oppressed contenders of the antiabortion faith.

We holy saints understand and expect impure-speech wicked media and others of their ilk to impenitently not change their talk and activist imposition of their weaselword semantics, like pigs that remain pigs no matter if they are washed while complaining vigorously and violently and so temporarily clean and clothed. Such accursed pigs will soon go back to wallow in their slop, and will never change for the better permanently.

So, we do not want to burn ourselves out, like Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy did, in the attempt to Christianize those many noxious and abhorrent putrid pigs infesting America. Lamentably, we perceive such vile vermin will continue to defile and destroy the United States and all good tradition this country was built upon. We honestly and humbly acknowledge that it is quite futile to militantly crusade against such.

However, You have given us a command to evangelize and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that You have commanded them....and woe to us if we do not do so. It is because of that that we do whatever we can to fulfil Your Divine directive with the very-limited time and money we have. Because of that, and in view of the extraordinary financial and communication resources of Your and our enemies, we hope that we will not be misconstrued, misrepresented, and judgmentally condemned for not doing more than we are able.

We eagerly await the time when You will physically return to Earth to rectify what seriously needs Your rectification, which You have prophesied will someday begin and last for a thousand years on this planet. Until then, we praise You for Your bountiful provision for us amidst the rancid indecently-exposed and chauvenistically-sexist human filth around us.

With hearty thanksgiving for all You have done for us so far,