This webpage contains a couple of proposed radical revisions, involving housing and marriage.

Parts or all of the ideas presented below might or might not appeal to: (1) everyone, (2) test-the-water-temperature-first moderates burdened with the Same Game who want some constructive change, or (3) merely a few daring jump-right-in adventurers.

Pertaining to housing and the housing/foreclosure crisis now front-and-center in the president-elect-Obama news, there have been many late-late-night wee-hours-of-the-morning TV commercials and internet spam and scam advertisement pertaining to getting rich quick by purchasing incredibly-cheap foreclosure land and buildings thereon (i.e. real estate).

Lots of red-tape complications besiege all-principal-at-risk "investors" who get into realty purchase and sale in such distressed-property situations. Even preliminary investigation into all that is involved promptly reveals new-owner obligation to pay title-transfer research and fees, liens, closing costs, annually-recurring property taxes, residual-expense utilities, up-to-city-code upkeep, and continuously/expensively adjust to surprise-attack suppressing/depressing zoning prohibitions against property and buildings thereon.

One of the horrendous scenarios this webpage author sees is the ridiculously high prices of houses for sale and houses sold. No wonder there are massive numbers of foreclosures nationwide. Who is to blame for such non-reasonably high house prices, what can be done about it, and how does that relate to real-estate enterpreneurs?

To force older people on fixed incomes out of their grandfathered homes and into senior-housing apartments, condos, and townhouses (all in the name of "baby-boomer-accomodating foresight and progress" or "land-development improvement" while conniving with construction companies or conspiring with zoning-and-code-violation excuses is a crime against the Lord and the Bible.

Those who buy foreclosed properties need not resell them at the assessed values of houses nearby that foreclosed property. To make a small profit on what is sold when even a small percentage of thousands of dollars is transacted is better than doing a laborious mere-minimum-wage job during which you stand on your feet all day in excruciatingly-monotonous boredom, continuously confronting bitchy sockslessly-sandal-footed sexist-twit mopheads.

It never fails to amaze me why people automatically get raises for not putting out any more work than they did before, and it amazes me even more when real estate values increase as the property merely sits there and deteriorates! THAT should NOT be, and needs to STOP!

Added to that, what does city hall and the county government gain by being burdened with foreclosed properties and buildings caused by nitpicky-regulations-concocting bureacrats assessing neighborhood houses so high that no one can afford to buy and live in those houses and thus pay outrageously-excessive property taxes based on such despicably-high assessed values?

If you were used to getting a dollar a day from someone, but they then declared that they could no longer afford to give you a dollar a day, but instead either a quarter a day....or nothing.....would you not profit by at least getting a quarter a day from them - rather than nothing? The same pertains to greedy government-bailed-out lease-company realtors raising lease costs and thus driving formerly-rent-paying small businesses out of leased storefronts!

What also comes into play is not only the greed and wasteful-pork decoration, park, and recreational-facility projects funded by city-hall-bureaucrat-originated property taxes and housing-value assessments, but also the greed of houseowners who offer their houses for sale at unreasonably-high prices.

So what is needed is a dramatic and phenomenal across-the-board reduction in selling prices by foreclosure enterpreneurs, of listed house prices by realtors, of house-assessment values by city-hall and county assessors (thus significantly lowering property and utility taxes), and of house prices offered to buyers by homeowners. Mortage companies and bankers must not be permitted to loan money for house purchase to those who have not paid over 50% down of the house cost in cold hard cash to the house seller directly.

Next subject.

Years ago, there was no such thing as legal or government "marriage licenses." Both common-law and church-ceremony marriages were traditionally done without involving government certification. Added to that, the aberration of divorce, child-custody, and marriage-dissolution-asset settlements were the exception rather than the rule, and the Christian influence of orthodox-doctrine churches and even within public school nationwide did much to positively contribute to the general social well-being of marriage and related benefits throughout the land, without disruption from Christianity-hating subversives, groups, their destructive lawsuits, maliciously-accusatory attorneys, and insidiously-demonic activist judges.

Not only that, but income taxes did not exist until the early part of the 20th century in America, and it seems that the anti-government-marriage IRS would like and is encouraging people to revert back to non-licensed common-law and only-church-registered marriage, being that the present 2009 IRS requirement for reporting annual income by filing the annual form is a $8950 minimum-income cutoff for Singles and Divorced, but only a $3500 minimum-income cutoff for Married Filing Separately. A few years ago in Minnesota, marriage people were actually fined $600 each by the Minnesota Revenue Dept for being in 'Married' marital status - which hideous illegal discimination on the basis of marital status the governor of Minnesota thankfully soon abrogated!

Makes a guy or gal not want to work to earn registered and reportable income to the IRS so as to not have to pay IRS income taxes. Non-declared tax-free birthday gifts, no-tax-receipt-given contributions, secret donations, plus personal covert-transaction barter for goods and services are the only recourses. If government wants Treasury-Department operating-expense money, what can be substituted are foreign tariffs, grant-giveaway cessation, and imposing the [20%] Fair Tax (i.e. consumption tax at the checkout counter) as viable alternatives.

Clearly, because of that IRS disparity, it would behoove those who are married filing separately to declare themselves: "Single" to the IRS, thus list their common-law spouse's address as some other location, such as the maiden address of her parents or whatever, and merely live-in together with one's [common-law] concubine(s)....whether that be in a shack or a mansion. There could be "legal" complications however, if that were done, concerning "legal" definitions of adultery, fornication, divorce, plus allocation of child-custody and child-protection settlements.

The whole problem gets worse with here-and-there new re-definition of "marriage" sprouting up like wicked weeds, concerning which homopervert male and female dogs want their sodomy officialized as: "civil-union" "marriage."