Sex Thoughts

The Impracticality of Fornication and/or Adultery

The titillating opposite-sex nakedness in combination with the sensuously-satisfying physical feelings of affectionate and erotic touch (particularly culminating in genital stimulation and orgasm) with a relatively-nonfamiliar but rather pretty or handsome woman or man......initially seems something to contemplate doing, make preparation and carefully-connived plans for, take the long-shot chance of actually suggesting handholding or friendly-hug-and-a-kiss initial then increasingly-incremental sexual connection with the targeted partner - then [hopefully] being cooperatively reciprocated with to continue even more intimate foreplay, such as eagerly but subtly and gently undressing the partner in increasingly-denuding stages to facilitate body-parts exchange massage with exciting arousal, eventually leading to fellatio, and ultimately in copulative genital-insertions in various standing and holding, sitting, and/or lying down positions.

There are, however, various realistic problems with the above scenario, if one is honest and not mindlessly impulsive nor indifferent, before mental cravings become actual physical actions!

First, the present marital status of the potential sexual partner is of great importance, particularly if the woman in consideration is already married. Jealousy will make a husband furious, and he in vengeance will not stop in outraged retribution. Also, the father, mother, brother(s), sister(s), etc. of a potential sexual partner might even take violent and sudden retaliation, especially if the potential sexual partner was in any way forced against her will in naiive underaged gullibility or helpless obedience to superior authority.

Simply seducing a seemingly-compliant, apparently-voluntarily, or silently-submissive gal with embarrassed, ashamed, or guilt-ridden after-thoughts might very well incur the relentless wrath of close relatives, to say the least.

Second, the potential sexual partners know enough of the identification of each other to such an extent (and/or lack of adequate I.D. knowledge for follow-up) that public reputations of each are endangered.

Third, without [at least] the presently vocal and [at best] the written agreement (not merely promise) of marriage with each other (State-registered and licensed, or instead "private" common-law), there is inevitable suspicion by both partners that the other will or probably will become similarly sexually active under similar circumstances when away from each other, with the chance of contracting infectious VD or AIDS thus being a threatening factor.

Fourth, washup (including bath or shower) lavatory facilities, plus change of messed-up clothes along with laundrymat cleanup of clothed soiled by seminial emission must be considered.

Fifth, it is actually quite difficult to be absolutely assured of complete and sustained privacy in terms of a genuinely sightless and soundless temporary lustful environment away from being non-expectedly discovered publicly. There are, nowadays, extremely sophisticated and many times impossible-to-detect surveillance devices of sundry and bizarre types, and both nudist exhibitionism and lewd/indecent conduct are punishable by government law.

Sixth, along with genital-within-genital intercourse is the risk of the female becoming pregnant, and for sensible and artful couples, the rejection against silly-looking, hard-to-apply, inconvenient condom use is a no-brainer. For medically-astute and knowledgeable couples, pregnancy-prevention (i.e. so-called "birth"-control) spermicidal foams, IUDs, and contraception pills have more short-and-long-term seriously-non-healthy side-effects than they are worth.

For Christian couples, committing (not "performing") abortion-homicide nurder against a non-born child is not a viable option.

Seventh, and most crucial, both temporal and eternal consequences of acting to fulfil sinful desires to do non-marital sexual connections are well-known and understandably feared by those living in accord with moral standards, directives, and admonitions of the Old and New Testaments of The HOLY BIBLE.