Sex to See

The Holy Bible has wrongly been blamed by many for sexual suppression, restriction, deprivation, frigidity, prudishness, and guilt, but when open-minded scientists honestly and non-prejudically actually read the entirety of the Sacred 66-books Judeo-Christian Holy Bible, they quickly and easily perceive that Scripture is an insightful compilation of suggestions and directions for extensively-complete potential and operative experiences of human sexuality in all forms and facets, and also is trustworthy reflection on everything related to innate human sexual functioning, endeavors, and satisfaction which the Creator instilled within His humankind species.

Such is vital when questioning why there is not more uninhibited display and perhaps conscience-allowed enjoyment of hard-R to XXX-rated pics and videos on non-FCC-restricted broadcast TV, cable TV, general-public newspapers and general-public magazines...along with most everyone sitting, standing, walking, and running around completely nude without the slightest inhibitions and shame.

Jesus Christ the Creator (Creator according to the first chapter of the New-Testament book of Colossians and the first chapter of the New-Testament book of Hebrews) has built His humans right from the start with automatic bodily responses to certain sexually-oriented stimuli, and such responses are more or less immutable and non-changeable. Such is still true even in primative South-American and Australian nomad tribes of G-string-only public nudity (they have their survival problems also, in more than one way), and even more the case in highly-advanced and quite-civilized societies like world-conquering Brits along with most Christianity-influenced Americans and Europeans.

Besides automatic sexual responses to various sexually-oriented stimuli, complex and high-powered human social relationships are embedded involved with those responses.

To cite only two examples, it is crucial for men and women to establish paternity ownership and responsibility in the case of determining who was involved in the conception of a child as a result of heterosexual intercourse. Mother-mangling abortion homicide is considered by the sane and sensible to be sinfully-intolerable murder punished accordingly, and not simply a step in the godless heresy of depopulate-the-world sterility, but eventual extinction of or against humankind.

Added to that, jealousy-based lethally-retaliatory revenge is often the case in three-way romantic relationships of two men and one woman.

One need not investigate far to discover the frustration, heartbreak, depair, anger, disappointment, medically-debilitating, and even suicidal consequences of misused and misappropriate sexual manipulations.

Aggressive-sexual-action-requiring erections and messy seminal emissions are invaribly the result of men seeing not only actual live bare-naked women but even pictoral imagery of such nude tween and teen and somewhat-older female humans attractive regarding both faces and figures.

When such limited (and decreasingly recuperative) sexual resources of red-blooded men are in effect wasted on and because of careless or deliberate, selfishly-rebellious, power-and-attention-seeking, female persons immodestly and indecently exhibiting themselves, family members and friends and employers are not happy - to put it mildly.

The whole sexual problem started with simple yet profoundly-consequential disobedience of our primal ancestors Eve and Adam. From there on, general-public nudity simply could not continue on nor work among progenie who genetically and educationally had incurably-broken habits, attitudes, and mindsets toward general-public-view human-nudity exposure.

This is not an incomprehensible phenomena. When we drop a fragile teacup to the hard floor, and it shatters into a pile of assorted pieces, it usually is not worth it to painstakingly glue every sundry shard back together. Even worse, if one leans over a boat out on a lake or the ocean, and one's eyeglasses or wristwatch fall off into the deep water, there is no hope for recovery but merely attempts at replacement. Such is the case since Eve and Adam started an irreparable sequence of sorry events off way back in the beginning of human history.

When one contemplates the myriad varieties of male and especially (from a erotically-aware man's point of view) female bodies and body parts typically observable in general public view, one also notices the remarkable similarities of such visible body parts of all those different human beings. For example, most everyone normally has one basic-design-similar publicly-visible head, plus two basic-design-similar eyes, two basic-design-similar ears, one basic-design-similar nose, two basic-design-similar hands, ten basic-design-similar fingers on each hand, ten basic-design-similar fingernails on those fingers, two covered arms, two covered legs, and two covered feet. Such is typically true for all men and particularly for all women (from a sexually-aroused man's point of view).

Regarding the slight differences of those visible body parts (particularly of women, from a sensuous man's point of view) pertaining to eye color, hair color, hand shapes and colors, fingers length, and so on, the similarities are equally striking. Those who have seen naked babies (of both genders) who have emerged from the nude vagina, plus married persons engaged in intimate body-parts-and-functioning mechanics of getting pregnant, have even more knowledge of both the differences and similarities of whatever number of humans and associated body parts they have observed.

Thus, there is really no need for people in society to roam around with no clothes on whatsoever for the irrational excuse of mandatorily discovering the slight differences and massive similaries of sufficiently-attired human body parts. "You've seen one, you've seen them all" is a general and realistic consensus.

All is not lost, however. As stated previously, within the bowels of The Sacred-66-books Judeo-Christian Holy Bible are not only suggestions and directions for totally-adequate and more-than-enough legitimate, wholesome, and gratifying decent and honorable sexually-oriented heterosexual body-parts exposure, private-spouse exhibitionism of such, and every form of imaginable better-than-mere-mammal-animal sexual-intercourse positionings and insertions involving those body parts....but a forthright and detailed-enough (book space is understandably limited to 66 books) reflection on human capabilities and characteristics the Creator has engrained within his trinitarian-nature creatures called "men" and "women."

Our omnicient Creator gave His uniquely-designed humans the command to: "Be fruitful and multiply" - knowing full well not only that reproduction is not simply inconvenient without body-parts exposure, but also absolutely dependent upon discreet and discriminate display of heterosexual nudity. He also (and non-sadistically, I might add) took into consideration the intense craving and dire need which men have to see, feel, and enjoy the total nudity of at least one women to copulate with (and, of course, the similar craving women have to not merely see and feel and enjoy the nudity of at least one man but to also be seen and felt and enjoyed by such husbands of their own for copulative and non-lustful love purposes in marital situations).

A thorough study of Holy Writ gives the enlightened Operating-Manual Instructions on what to search for, expose, undress, denude, discover, gaze upon, handle, fondle, caress, kiss, hug, insert and more relating to body parts of the opposite sex. Those pilgrims and puritans who utilized such inspiration in the past seemed satisfied enough producing and acquiring their large families, and are none the worse for following such Divine directives.

Civil government laws are usually congruent with such Divine perspectives, with police and sheriffs and marshall enforcing such along with the judiciary for orderly communities cooperating in unity and interdependence against terroristic deviants.

In stark contrast, the licentuously-immodest mopheadeded, nude-armed, naked-legged, and soxlessly toes-exposing partial lasciviousness of notably many female humans in modern society inevitably and cumulatively has the sorry and bitter fruits of anti-sex isolationism and prudish frigidity, sexual harassment and assault, sexual abuse with physical or mental hostilities, feminist sexism, homogay sodomy, self-sodomizing masturbational abuse, antagonistic and reviling view against romantic sexuality sometimes involving refusal to participate in normal and voluntarily-requested fellatio, venereal diseases, workplace confusion and insubordination, abortion homicide, traffic accidents actually based on covert or overt sexual-cause malfunctioning, all types of injuries and diseases based upon sexual dyfunctioning, and much more.