Think for a moment of all the millions and even billions of spermatoza wasted by ejaculating males who self-sodomizingly masturbate to the live-person or graphic-image sights of girls and women they do not belong to in marriage.....most of which humans females have no idea that semen is being wasted because of them as they irresponsibly have and continue to waste themselves into abhorrence by displaying and exhibiting various types and severities of immodest partial indecent exposure in general public view.

Recently, newsworthy has been the successful 2008 overall approval of Proposition 8 outlawing same-sex marriage in California. Noble efforts will be made to do the same in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Contrary to such common-sense endeavors are the despicable nationwide protests of weirdo queers and queeresses who obviously are not only given to rebellious self-destructive and self-extinctive perverted immentality but even nondeniable and wasteful anti-sexual insanity. To want and try to conjugate and copulate with a member of one's own gender is clearly as absurd as an employment applicant laughably attempting to vainly insert an intelligence-test manual-dexterity-board square peg into a round hole, or a idiot householder trying to stick in an electrical outlet adapter the wrong way (with the wide prong in the narrow outlet slot and the narrow prong in the wide outlet slot). Similarly pathetic it is to view an abnormal (homosexual-type) lunatic goof dangerously inserting the gas pump hose into his or her tailpipe instead of the gasoline-hole intake the possibly-explosive detriment against (and not of) normal (heterosexual-type) service-station patrons.

The effort to retaliate against pervasive and almost-overwhelmingly women-equal-with-men (note the = sign bumper stickers on some cars!) feminist sexism in our chauvenistically-sick society should not be expressed with defiant atheist-like homosexual irrationality (Leviticus 20:13 and First Corinthians 6:9-10). That is going too far. There are other ways to thwart that, like not electing Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and in other ways declaring and enforcing the intentions of Isaiah 3:12 and First Timothy 2:12-14.

Speaking of sperm, not everyone is appointed by the Creator to become parents of children. The toddler and teen public or private school teacher who teaches children and young adults not his own progenie is not necessarily wasting their opportunity but rather has advantages the parents of offspring do not have, as for example less expense, anxiety, responsibility, and significantly non-burdened by full-time childish harassment and stupidity. Without one's own slaughterable or potentially-diseased and handicapped children there is, of course, no joy of "one's own" grandchildren and the temporal cuteness accompanying that. But to be assigned caretakers of infants, toddlers, and older children as caregiving responsible parents who birth them is a special calling from the Lord which one cannot in all good conscience bypass by committing the crime of abortion-homicide.

Getting back to live-person lascivious (i.e. immodest) indecent-conduct exhibitionism, (particularly of girls and women during warm days in general public view), and/or licentuousness of porn images (be they lurid "fine-art" paintings, sculptures, photos in magazines, newspapers, on TV or the internet, etc.), some demonically misstate that female beauty should be "shared" and "it is selfish for a man to have several concubines without sharing them" (as if there were and are not enough marriageable ladies to be permanently apportioned by and to the men of their choice who aggressively choose them). To the masseuse and escort harlots and their customers should be the inquisition of pre-martial counseling interrogation.

Consider much of the natural phenomena intelligently created by our Creator God. There are vast amounts of all sorts of things which no human being will ever discover, see, feel, and experience by exploration. The "wasteful extravagence" of God? Not in His determination. How many aborted or crippled or chronically-diseased children will never experience the erotic sights of naked human bodies culminating in adult orgasmic ecstasy? Think of the many self-deprived monastic nuns and monks and priests. Ponder the murdered. A lamentable sexual waste? Do they think so? Are they content the way they are?

Speaking of dissatisfying waste, when one considers the numerous but limited number of attractive-enough partially-nude, nearly-all-naked, and totally birthday-suit bared porn models who men of the general public simultaneous lust at, there is an embarrassing and hideous disparity. It is only fair and sensible for men who photograph and salivate over such unclothed models to do so when similarly denuded themselves. The same goes for men who gaze at nude dancers in downtown strip bars.

The decried-by-self-righteous-hypocrites porn parade all starts in springtime, when a few non-arrested brazen bimbos who have flaunted their overly-sensuous mopheaded loose long hair during winter (see RSV's and NASV's Numbers 5:18, Song 7:5, and KJV's First Corinthians 11:1-16) pseudo-"legally" begin to bare their legs with shorts in general public view (see RSV's and NASV's Isaiah 47:1-4), followed by exposing their arms with sleeveslessness (Second Samuel 13:18) and feet with sockslessness (Jeremiah 2:25) as they freely roam around imposing their sexual harassment as seducing terrorists (refer to First Timothy 2:8-15). The nonsoliciting males who accidently view that immodestly shoved into their face react in all sorts of wasteful ways, and by the time the lewdity maxes out by the Fourth of July and beyond, most have jumped onto the porno-show bandwagon themselves for all kinds of tanning and sweating and heatstroke-fearing doctrine-of-demon excuses under the shade of trees and within air-conditioned office buildings or shopping centers. The waste continues until the frigidity of colder seasoning more or less forces the temporarily-sexually-frigid to hiberate until their base inclinations thaw out to annually infest, infect, and defile everyone within the warming weather all over again.

Relentless propagation and proclamation of pertinent and precise-reference God-given Scriptural directives of Biblical modesty are our only hope....along with a consistent and impartial civil-law rod for the backs of kicking and screaming immodest fools year-round. A cross of persecution awaits all who espouse such initially-objectionable community healing and health, however, but that is the name of the game, as the beat goes on.