Recently, yours truly noticed that the Photos section within which were albums and album photos which some of my previously-listing Facebook friends had imported their pictures into the Photos section of my Facebook Apps account....had no obviously-stated 'Delete' option anywhere on the Photos page which I could use to delete any photos within that Photos section which I considered pornographic or in some other way(s) inappropriate.

Although the photos which most of my friends had previously imported were benign, some photos contained partially-pornographic photos of indecently-hairstyled and/or bare-legged (shortened-skirted) human females [albeit church-related ones] which I consider non-acceptable to reside anywhere in my Facebook Homepage, Profile, and Apps sections.

I thus, in my frustration, had no recourse but to temporarily deactivate my entire Facebook account completely...for obviously security and decency reasons...while I considered what to do about it.

Since then, I have re-activated the account, and have taken Screenhunter screenshots of what (to my current knowledge) is presently posted on that account: