Up To Speed

Here is it.....mid-June of 2010 already....and how is it going?

The ongoing BP oil-spill issue is yet a slick issue to feed on for the frenzied media sharks.

The bulk mail I get is largely a series of exposees and questionaires from the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee on what Obama and Pelosi did but should not have done concerning certain policies and issues involving a litany of legal and publicity cases initiated by Judicial Watch, Jay Sekulow's ACLJ, Matt Staver's Liberty Counsel, Swartout's CRAVE, Brent Bozell's Media Watch, John Whitehead's Rutherford Institute, and more (like the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Jerusalem Report, B'nai Zion, and B'nai Brith).

Why I mention those groups rather than others (like mail from Eric Barger Ministries, Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries) is that some of them enclose stamped self-addressed envelopes so I can mail back free (without $.44-stamps cost to me) not only my signatures on their petitions but also enclosed some printed copies of what you the reader can readily peruse by checking into the hotlinks at http://cdcv.tripod.com or http://sitepalace.com/geocities and related website sources.

Bozell's Media Watch newsletters typically contain snippets of diatribes from MSNBC's divisively-suggestive accusatory-mislogician Chris Matthews and satanspeak anti-GOP-ogre Keith Olbermann, plus snide remarks from smurk-faced, boyishly-hairstyled, brainy lesbian snit Rachel Maddow.

Compounding the conglomeration of cable-TV-programming consternation is the daily dose of grievous gossip from yiddish-like bosom-broad Joy Behar and her sometimes-diabolical subversive guests. On other channels, like WGN, are incessant smarty and anti-Biblically-impious Simpson-like cartoons spewing their vile hate-Christianity despise-morality sitcom pollution in childish children's format....while EWTN priests lift in worship their gold eucharistic cups at elaborately-fancy altars while repeatedly mouthing cannibalistic-sounding liturgy, or brag about their convert conquests against Protestantism.....while the NASA channel goes off on apostate anti-Creationist tangents about how the universe, stars, and planets purportedly were formed and when they came into being.....and while the History Channel has been off in lala-land fantasizing about Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar and 2012, and a futuristic make-believe world without people -- all heretically against the holy predictions prophesized in the New-Testament book of Revelation.

That is not to say that some worthwhile enlightenment is not occasionally broadcast, nor that some on the Fox cable network are prestine angels. Self-reliant, generally arrogant, occasionally-pinheaded O'reilly repeatedly has repeatedly imposed pictoral segments on porn and partial porn, and is rather obsessed with interviewing sexually-harassing-sight female talking-heads flaunting their partially-indecent loose-long-haired mopheadedness on and against whatever anonymous persons of the conservative TV audience on Comcast or Qwest or Cox who happen to be watching at the time.

Hannity has, in the past, been similarly noxious as partially-pinheaded O'reilly concerning that, with his bevy of sexually-harassing-sight female jaw-flappers imposing their partially-indecent loose-long-haired mopheadedness on and against whatever anonymous persons of the conservative TV audience who happen to be watching at the time. There is already enough of that mopheaded garbage of and because of snobbishly-snotty female anchors on Fox and CNN during morning news, and then the soap-opera-slussies on Star Trek: The Next Generation at night with bellgerant mopheaded doctorette Beverly Crusher and tits-slit-exposing counselorette Troi.

Greta, who comes on after Hannity, also wears her hair slightly longer than mouth-level and so is also a cocked-lips sex-object nuisance....though it is nice hear predictive-sage Karl Rove and handsome critical-against-dems Mitt Romney orate and pontifate Dick-Morris-style on the latest scoop.

Which gets us to "colored"-man Joe Johnson's negroid hero: Barack Hussein You-Know-The-Rest. One might wonder why one should call such pro-Obama rebel-revolutionaires, puffing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson -- all reminiscent of trouble-maker-insurrectionist and plagiarist Marty L. King -- "colored" instead of: "niggars," being that it is actually whiteys and sometimes 'honkies" who are green when they're sick, red when they're sunburned or blush, blue when they're asphixiated or cold, and yellow when they have jaundice.

Both long-winded-philospher and respectably-negroid Alan Keyes (let alone the honorable Clarence Thomas) of the Declaration group, and attorney Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation along with a recently-publicized female candidate running for office out west, are lingering longer questioning the birth-certificate status of Obama. They simply do not accept the apparently-photoshopped laser-printed pseudo-facsimile certificate shown by the dems as bonafide, being that it instead should look like it was typed by a old-style-font manual typewriter of decades ago.

If Hannity's so-called "anointed one" was indeed born in Kenya (and where is Barack's father to verify that?), Barack is not constitutionally qualified to be President -- no matter how adamant and refractory pro-Obamanites and their demonic network media are in pooh-poohing and attempting to discredit the true facts. However, since Obama swore the Presidential Oath on The HOLY BIBLE, he is now de facto President, although whoever becomes the next President - if it is discovered that Obama was not a natural born citizen and thus not qualified to be President - will have the obligation to pick and choose (by Executive Order with US Supreme Court approval) what to undo and negate of whatever Obama signed into law during his reign.

One of the things which should be obliterated is, of course, the requirement for people to be forced to buy health insurance, which insurance they neither need nor can afford.

It is the hope of every sane and sensible person in this country that jack-in-the-box-popup George-Bush-hater Nancy Pelosi will - as soon as possible - be deposed from her Speakership perch. Prejudiced-feminist demon-eyes has done enough damage already, and the prospect of her returning jobless to her significantly-homosexual homeport of San Francisco in the very near future is very-eagerly anticipated.

All this, while quasi-rabbi Dennis Prager babbles on with dogmatic talmudic musings, preaching about jewish suggestions for marrieds and against lefties, like economic-class-disparity employees-vs-employers "progressive"-talk-radio-bellerer Ed Schultz folled by antagonist Thom Hartmann.....as anti-3rd-parties Michael Medved rues continuation of Social Security benefits to needy seniors and elders who deserve monetary-assistance respect in their old age, with Medved inferring that such funding is: "entitlement" and "welfare." It is my hope that His jewish Arrogance himself will soon stop sponging off his educrat wife, lose his book-sales revenue and gold investments, and himself get dependent upon the Social Security he now so forcefully decries. One thing to his favor, as is the case with Prager, is his support of the State of Israel. I won't mention Gallagher or Hewitt, even though I did.

Many GOPers laud the multi-millionaire females who recently won primary elections in California, Nevada, and South Carolina.....while God through Old-Testament-prophets Isaiah (3:12) and Solomon (Eccl. 7:26-28) and Nahum (3:13), plus the New Testament Apostles Paul (1st Timothy 2:12) and Peter (1st Peter 3:7), reminds us that the weaker gender should not only not be combat troops in authority over men, but that one cannot find one good woman out of a thousand to politically flap her noisy and harassive lips commandeering men as a government official. Bye bye Boxer! If it wasn't for Sarah Palin being chosen VP candidate, I never would have voted for Chuch Baldwin of the Constitution Party back in 2008.

Be that as it is, a recent and noteworthy flap was reiterated concerning and not regarding Mizz Barbara Boxer, running for re-election. Here is my take on it:

MIZZ BOXER: "Just one thing. I'd appreciate it if you call me "Senator" and not "Ma'am. I worked so hard to get this title."
THREE-STAR U.S. GENERAL's Should-Have-Been Response: "No, I will not call you 'Senator,' Mizz Boxer. I will call you 'senatress,' because you are a female human (and an impudent and feminist-sexist snotty-twit one at that), who certainly does not deserve to be in authority over men -- according to the indirect Scriptural inferences of Isaiah chapter 3 verse 12 and Nahum chapter 3 verse 13, plus direct application of First Timothy chapter 2 verse 12."

I personally could never vote for any woman - no matter how pseudo-"qualified" (i.e. talented or energetic) she was. If absolutely necessary, besieged and beset within and among a group of beardlessly-effeminate bullyboys adamently supportive of women rule as ludicrous pussywimps, I would rather have a cute-faced glamour-girl Deborah in pathetic and dangerous charge than a depicable nutcase Jezebel or deplorable wackjob Athaliah.

Recently, Dave from Alpha Omega creationist group sent me a letter lamenting the decision of an Australian School Board disallowing "literal interpretations of religious texts in science classrooms involved with discussions of creationism and intelligent design involving origins, requiring the saving of such for religion classes, and instead allowing only what is experimentationally empirical and observational."

May I remind all school board curriculum-setters that a successful lawsuit in an expedient civil court case using simple and common-sense logic would cause them to re-write their anti-creationist stipulation, because use of their word "creationism" obviously by default implies a Creator greater than what [He] created, and use of their phrase: "intelligent design" obviously by default implies an Intelligent Designer greater than what [He] intelligently designed. Besides, one of the types of "science" is science and is a bonafide branch of science by the very root meaning of the word: "theology" (which is the study of God and God's Biblical doctrine which also includes Genesis and creation doctrine), along with other types of science like "biology," "anthropology," "physiology," "geology" and so on.