Want Sex!

There are two types of sexual solicitations:

wanted or instead: non-wanted.

The wanted involves deliberate or accidental seduction on the part of either a soliciting human male or a soliciting human female towards one human female or to one human male - respectively - and responded to consentually by that solicited female or that solicited male.

The NON-wanted involves deliberate or accidental harassment on the part of either a human female or a human male against (not merely: "to") EITHER at large OR a specific human male or a human female.....BUT subtly or non-subtly objected to NON-consentually by that male, female, and/or group of either or both.

How one can correctly analyze and predict whether sexually-oriented presentations will be considered "legitimate seduction" or instead "illegal and unlawful harassment" depends upon:

(a) if the solicitation is to one specific individual, or instead an individual within a group of people, or instead to a random group of people

(b) whether or not the surrounding context and situation of the sexual solicitation is convenient, sensible, and obviously public or questionably/non-predictably private or completely/assuredly private

(c) the type of semantical (verbal or written) solicitation and/or (either by-itself or additional) non-semantical solicitation relating to what specific body parts are exposed (and/or fondled), intended to be exposed (and/or fondled), and the severity of the exposure (and/or fondling) of such parts relating to

(d) the reasonably-detectable marital status of the ONE solicited target (such as 4th-finger engagement or wedding-band rings) on [only] ONE particular person

(e) what degree of sexually-oriented intercourse (of whatever stage or to whatever extent) is solicited towards exclusively one particular person, and

(f) carefully-observed and honestly-admitted initial and/or reasonably-continued response by the solicited to the solicitor soliciting a sexual-solicitation encounter of whatever type and intensity. Refusal and objections to sexual solicitation can be (but are not limited to) verbal and written, and/or non-verbal. Examples of non-consentual verbal threats or commands would be such utterances as: "Stop it!" "Cut that out!" "Keep your hands off me!" "Go away!" "Leave me alone!" "Quit it!" "Stop!" "Don't!" and "No!"

Non-verbal examples would be for the solicited to physically leave the presence of the solicitor, slap them in the face, punch them, bite them, kick them, push or trip or knife or clobber or shoot them, call 911 on their cellphone, blow a whistle, shriek, holler out loudly, drive erratically, etc.

ANY sexual solicitation of either kind (e.g. semantical and/or non-semantical) of any human female to more than one human male, or an already-married human male.....is wrong - although sexual solicitation can legitimately be made by any human male (whether or not already married) to a non-married human female IF his intention is [hopefully additional] marriage with her (as in the cases of him seeking to acquire and/or acquiring secondary additional wives or one or more concubines of his own).

ANY sexual communication of any human to their same gender is ALWAYS wrong - whether responded to consentually or objected to non-consentually....because of the non-questionable Scripturally-confirmed wickedness of homosexual solicitation and behavior. In that scenario, the Biblical (Ephesians 5:3) admonition of: "Let not immorality nor impurity be even suggested among you, as is fitting among saints" would be quite applicable.

Heterosexual solicitation can be:

(1) non-semantically visual
(2) semantically visual, and/or
(3) tactile

Examples of (1) above would be showing a solicited member of the opposite sex non-worded pictoral imagery (of the solicitor themself) suggesting the solicitor's own sexual contact with generally-exposable body parts and/or any-and-all body parts of the solicited opposite-sex person....and/or showing that targeted opposite-sex person the solicitor's own life-sized, at-times-in-motion, non-worded, body parts for the same purpose.

Examples of (2) above would be verbal or written solicitation towards one specific opposite-sex person to do or allow done some sexual behavior for [sensual desire of] the solicitor and [for erotic pleasure of] the solicited (e.g. asking them to undress, and/or requesting them to allow undressing, and/or undressing them, and/or fondling them with or without undressing) involving typically-exposed or any-and-all body parts of the solicited person.

Examples of (3) above would be for an aggressive solicitor, seducer, or seductress to hand-hold, lap-sit, cheek-kiss, lip-kiss, unclothe, reach under clothing, and/or fondle either generally-exposed or even any-and-all body parts of an obviously-consentual and in-no-way-seriously-objecting solicited member of the opposite sex.

Typically nowadays in America and largely elsewhere throughout the Western and non-Middle-Eastern world, what is generally-exposable (though not from a Biblical perspective) are loose-long-haired mopheadedness, the neck, shoulder(s), back, belly, most of the hips, top of and/or partial buttocks (if thong underwear or bikini is worn), upper-leg thigh(s), leg(s), and foot or feet.

What is NOT ["legally"] exposed in general and open-public view are bare-nippled breasts on a woman, crotch, and complete buttocks (occasionally and situationally exempted are the crotch and buttocks of infants and very-young toddlers who are not deliberately and overtly displaying child-porn-like sexually-suggestive positioning).

Of significant note is the utter absurdity and lewd ridiculousness of particularly a human female or group of them exhibiting to the heterosexual public-at-large indecent, improperly-attired, or non-attired hairstyle (i.e. mopheadedness of loose long hair longer than mouth-level) and/or sleeveslessness, slackslessness, sockslessness.....for the simple reason that such non-solicited aberration is (in effect) non-consentually forced against males (generally speaking) with or without one specific male targeted, along with the lack of opportunity for such particular targeted male or males at large as a group to respond with usually-rebuffed or perhaps-non-rebuffed sexual response to the one or ones ignorantly, carelesslessly, irresponsibly, arrogantly, or maliciously harassing (and not [legitimately] seducing) them.