Who to Fault

As open-minded non-biased scientists, those of us of an investigative and cautiously-sensible curiosity have discovered not only an intriguing book within the realm of public-school education called "The HOLY BIBLE," but upon further research have encountered verses within the Torah or Pentateuch part of the Old Testament of that previously-mentioned Literary Masterpiece which state that God (the Creator) chose this or that for the Hebrews of Israel.

Apparently then, the phenomenon known as "choice" came from the Creator and not from pro-abortion-option body manglers and concocted-weaselword progenie-deficient extinction agents of joyless planned parentlessness.

Further on in the The Book, we read:

Job 34:4 Let us choose what is right; let us determine among ourselves what is good.

So we human lifeforms with bodies, spirits, and souls who (not "which") are "made in the Triune image of God" also have, in contrast to "it-and-not-them" lower lifeforms such as plants and animals, have been ingrained with "choice" pertaining especially to morality-related cognizance (again, in contrast to lower lifeforms such as insects and birds operating merely on sensory-perception-driven instinct).

However, the capacity of choice within scentient beings (e.g. the Creator, angels, demons, and humans) is not an end in itself (contrary to what those pro-abortion-choice excusers of baby-murder would infer). Choice is based upon something FAR deeper.

To elaborate, the Creator (the indescribably great, wise, omniscient, omnipresent, perfectly-consistent, inerrant, Almighty-Power Supreme Being who obviously created all existing created phenomena and existent entities except Himself) chose, in His remarkable benevolence, to incept non-evolved (already-fully-adult-and-all-parts-simultaneously-working human creatures, reproducing only "after their own kind" as noted by Job 11:12) within an exceptionally convenient environment.

That speaks wordless volumes about His Divine loving nature and honorable intentions (non-semantically and non-linguistically described pictorally in every breath-taking aurora display, beautiful waterfall, snow-capped mountain, waterfall, lightning storm, torrential rainfall, and a plethoria of other supernaturally-caused wonders). Frightening it is indeed to imagine hostile surroundings imposed by a sadistic creator within which misfortunate beings could be miserably incarcerated and excrucibly tormented, which graciously is not our predicament as humans on planet Earth, though we see how diabolical conditions are and could be elsewhere within our solar system of bizarre temperature extremes, suffocating wrong atmosphere or no atmosphere, indigenous of diverse celestial locations, the fatal relocation to which we could suicidally inflict ourselves with.

Such power and capacity of choice of the Creator is ours also as created humans, but it is merely a manifestation of our innate attitude from birth and particularly from the moment of conscious accountability, commencing when we were toddlers, of either more or less consistently-obedient compliance or instead disobedient noncompliance against the perceived phenomena we were involuntarily born into without our permission nor request. Choice thus was, and continues to be, indication of whether we LIKE and peacefully comply with created things (obviously created by the Creator)......or rather DISLIKE and fight against created things (clearly created by the Creator). Why anyone in their right mind would dislike what the good Lord Jesus has created (who, according to the first two chapters of Colossians and the first chapter of Hebrews in the New Testament, actually did create everyting within the universe)......is a mystery to those of us rationals with a created-phenomena-accomodating mentality.

Being creatures of verbal and written communication (dissimilar to lower lifeforms), us humans have heard (indicated by sundry historical records, such as Scripture) and read words revealing the Word and will of our Creator Christ Jesus in the format of what is known as Bible verses.

It can be assumed that most people have not read and certainly not memorized the totality of the Sacred-66-books HOLY BIBLE in either the King James or Revised Standard version. However, during the entire course of their lives they will have encountered and been presented with enough Scripture verses to correlate their own accumulated knowledge of created phenomena and entities along with recognized and known characteristics and attributes thereof with the Sacred Words of Divine Inpiration and Enlightenment to not only mutually concur about consentually-agreed-upon parameters of civility and common sense but to aggregate and assemble in orderly and constructive ways to avoid conflicting-opinions-based self-destruction and human-species termination.

Lamentably, it is apparent from Scripture that most people on the proverbial broad and easy road to destruction (Matthew 7:13) concordantly DIS-like the characteristics and attributes of created phenomena they have become aware of and experience. Not only do they criticize and blame the Creator's sometimes violent weather and natural disasters (which they themselves could have avoided in knowledge by now if they had not previously screwed around so much in repeatedly-retained ignorance and heretically-cultic superstition), but they fault God's created substances for cause of problems.

To wit, they blame God's created alcohol for drunkenness and disabling consequential handicaps from such, as they blame God's created heroin for narcotics addiction, and God's created tobacco for nicotene addition and associated lethal diseases. They presume that God grows legs and wings on lost items that walk or fly away themselves but which the careless non-thinking fools themselves misplace, as they thoughtlessly utter: "Where did IT go so that I cannot find it." Instead they should self-condemn their own stupidity with no pseudo/self-redemptive self-esteem nor mindless blatterings of irrationalization. Falsely presuming their insolence can harm God and God's indestructible objects, they misclaim that substances of nicotene, alcohol, and porn photos are abused....rather than humbly admitting that they themselves are abusing their own God-created-and-owned bodies out of line with Divine Law kept on and not off bodies not entirely their own.

Not content with that, they blame abstractions to attempt to self-justify their demented deviancies. Instead of blaming those.....humans.....who commit (not "perform") terrorism, prostitution, promiscuity, etc. they blame the abstractions and concepts of terrorism, prostitution, promiscuity for antisocial maladies......as if such abstractions of terrorism, prostitution, promiscuity, poverty, drunkenness, obscenity, immodesty, and so forth could repent and go to heaven or remain impenitent and be tormented in the flaming outer darkness eternally. Blame the SINNER and not simply the sin? For those sucking up the slime of feigned, fake, and counterfeit, hypocritically-condemn-everyone-except-themselves self-esteem: most certainly!

It behooves the froward and refractory to remember that God the Creator created His creation correctly, clean, pure, and life-supportive.....but irresponsible and deviant humans with no credible "self-esteem" deserving whatsoever polluted and defiled themselves, others, and everything else within God's environment to horrific, despicable, and devastating chaos and confusion beyond measure.

Should those who despise aforementioned counsel continue to be preached to, to their increasing irritation, frustration, and perhaps even aggressively hostile reaction? To them the continuous call to holy rectification is a boring nuisance and bothersome confrontation, rather than a welcoming and refreshing invitation.

The answer is to (as much as possible) thwart and stifle their self-righteous pseudo-acceptable arrogance and belligerance - which "do-it-differently/do-it-MY-way" defiance, if left nonrestrained, would completely disable and destroy the entire global community on this planet......keeping in mind that the fantastically-tolerant and impeccably-patient Creator Himself has (of course) set immutable standards and operating parameters no one (including and especially Satan) can exceed nor alter. Why not cooperate with the Creator? What point is there in not cooperating with Him?

The religion-rejecting third finger of a smart-ass reviler stuck up to God should instead be stuck into the pisshead rebel's own vile shithole and left there to rot and stink.