WHO is Lying?

Some purport that the miracles described in Scripture are "fables" or "fairy tales." By stating that, they are in effect asserting that such stories are lying and false myths which never actually happened historically.

Such disbelievers might continue their own dishonest and lying slanderous diatribe by blattering on that the intelligently-designed natural phenomena around them "were not intelligently designed."

Obviously, what has been intelligently designed and continues to be intelligent design is admitted and declared to be intelligent only by intelligent who are not stupid fools.

Ro 1:19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.
Ro 1:20 Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse;

That reasoning is along the same lines as.....

Tit 1:15 To the pure all things are pure, but to the corrupt and unbelieving nothing is pure; their very minds and consciences are corrupted.

........which in this case could be temporarily reworded as:

To the intelligent all things are intelligently designed, but to stupid fools nothing is intelligently designed; their biased, bigoted, anti-religious prejudice prevents any rational scientific observation, evaluation, and description emanating from them.

Let's delve into some deductive logic.

There are many verbal and written statements made by humans in the past, present, and (most likely) to come in the future. Some are simple and direct truth, others are simple and direct lies. Some are complex loaded statements, all or most of which are true; others are complex loaded statements, all or most of which are false.

To be believable, all postulations sooner or later are evaluated and declared true or false by whether or not they concur with reality as perceived by sight, sound, hearing, and other senses of detection....whether or not anyone or all concur that such do concur. To use the cliche: "If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it fall, is sound produced?" Obviously, sound is produced!

In other words, all statements are analyzed as to if they correlate correctly with the phenomena around the analyzers, which always-trustworthy, perfectly-stable, and nonrelentingly-consistent detectable phenomena functions as THE Immutable Standard to fairly and accurately judge everything.

Incidently, the very mention of words relating to natural phenomena suggests at least the possibility of their existence.

Let me illustrate.

Below are some true and false statements:

1. The moon is made of green cheese.
2. Cockroaches hatch from RCA rectifier vacuum tubes.
3. Radar does not exist.
4. Jesus walked on water and changed water into wine.
4. Allah has diarrhea on midnight of the 24th of each month.
5. Zeus has false teeth.
6. Hitler vomited twice in South Vietnam 98 years ago.
7. Once daylight lasted several hours extra in one place at the command of Joshua.

Notice that - generally - all items listed above really did and/or do exist. The moon, green, cheese, cockroaches, hatching, RCA, rectifiers, vacuum tubes, radar, Jesus, walking, water, wine, diarrhea, 24th of each month, false teeth, Hitler, vomiting, South Vietnam, 98, years.....are all actual time-and-space-measurable phenomena, some of which not merely have historically existed but even now yet exist. What is clearly ridiculous, false, lying, and incorrect in some of the above-stated platitudes is the wrong ordering of the words conveying incorrect and false ideas and concepts, therefore violating reality.

In some cases, the concoction of false entities is a deliberate and dishonest lying reaction against a truly-existing entity which one does not appreciate, like, and even hates to the extent of making up and fabricating a non-existent substitute. To elaborate, those with prejudicial, bigoted, biased hatred against Jesus Christ have concocted the false divinities of "allah" and "zeus" in trying to replace the LORD God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, etc. and of course Jesus Christ.

But again, simply mentioning phenomena that actually do exist (even though wrongly combining such together results in wrong assessments and assertions) is an indication that such things might indeed exist. Jesus put it this way:

Lu 23:3 And Pilate asked [Jesus], "Are you the King of the Jews?" And [Jesus] answered him, "You have said so." Note that Jesus did not Himself declared Himself King of the Jews, as the accursed pharisees tried to coerce Pilate to rewrite the Roman crucifixion plaque above Christ's head on that cross. Coerced, perhaps-eventually-retaliatory-against-70.A.D.-jews Pilate himself came up with the idea that Jesus was King ofthe Jews, from whatever source (other than Jesus?).

By merely "saying so," people frequently acknowledge at least the possibility of the existence of whatever they say or mention.

Now, to deny someone's statement-of-fact declaration or assertion does not invalidate nor negate it. As Job said:

Job 34:33 Will he then make requital to suit you, because you reject it? For you must choose, and not I; therefore declare what you know.

Merely rejecting someone's statement does not then adjust that statement to from then on be invalid. One cannot talk something [the Creator created and existing] out of existence with mere words.

Moreover, one must be careful in demanding "proof" of whatever assertions are declared.

WHAT is "proof?"
Are "scientific" measurements, or complex mathematical formulas, required?
[Enough] context?
Fancy long Latin words of precise scientific description?
The agreement of so-called "experts," "professionals," or "scholars?"

The imperfect and sometimes silly ramblings and rantings of such are no match against phenomena of reality existing with impeccable consistency, complexity, power, endurance, extensiveness, and intricately-working intelligent design.

For instance, regarding (and NOT "concerning") legal-public-school-curricula, obviously-scientific/not-simply-"religious," young-Earth creationism:

To presume (NOT "assume") that various bodily parts of [already-fully-functioning adult] Adam and Eve [with all their fully-functioning body parts already present from the start] evolved over time to finally produce operational humans is like imagining that the ink and paper and alphabet letters within a printing factory [supernaturally?] evolved piecemeal over time to produce a copy of the daily newspaper......or that an explosion in an auto junkyard [magically?] resulted in the latest model Cadillac, Honda, or BMW. Automatic-assembly presumptions like those would be fairy tales and fables, to be sure! Even if the heretical, anti-Biblical myth of evolution was correct with the childish baby-babble "Big-Bang" baloney starting material, where did THAT come from initially? Logically, it is impossible that that stuff always existed eternally. We humans are rightly irritated in contemplating forever backwards and forever forwards, and the only recourse for accepting the limitless we cannot comfortably measure is to acknowledge that which "God" in His HOLY BIBLE has enlightened us with through his Divinely-inspired human authors of Scriptural antiquity associated with contemporary application at the present time.

Prove - within the next ten seconds - that the color purple exists and that it is not green..... that the dark side of Pluto has no atmosphere.....that radioactive uranium existed 25 years near Arizona.....that Genghis Khan ever urinated. Hurry up, your ten seconds are running out. The rapid-fire impatient demands imposed by idiots mouthing off on diversionary tangents need not be responded to, and should understandably remain ignored.

In conclusion, necessary and needful it is to properly and legitimately differentiate between fairy-tale fables in stark contrast to actual historical events recorded in the Bible or other rather reliable literature authored by humans claiming to be eyewitnesses themselves or accurately quoting eyewitnesses....by honest and open-minded, intelligent and rational comparison with other objects or known processes within the environment us scientists observe, analyze, and explain common and repeated or unusual one-time-occurring or one-time-possibly-occurring phenomena. Such is required to avoid and contradict senseless accusations of non-intelligent stupidity not only anti-social and dangerously detrimental against the sane but even damnably destructive against the well-being of interdependent humanity having no intention whatsoever of mean-spirited self-extinction in opposition to respectable, healthy, and normal survival of the fittest.